May. 30th, 2009

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I am resisting the urge to see how easy it would be to convert an extension, which works in FF2 but doesn't in FF3, to use Jetpack.

I had in mind Delicious Complete, as the only relatively simple non-FF3-compatible extension I'm aware of. It seems so easy, especially if I can just use the jQuery plugins!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I find myself unable to decide how to include said plugins (I could copy and paste, or reference remotely using $.getScript, both of which have advantages and disadvantages, and I cannot decide!)

Resisting urge to code. Resistance weak. Maybe I should look through my extensions to see which ones say they're incompatible with the version of Firefox I'm using, and try rewriting the simpler ones out of curiosity.
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Really simple script for you guys today: Support: Summary in Title.

That appends the the request summary into the window title which lets you the request summary show up in your browser history. Meaning, you can just type in a partially remembered request summary in your browser address bar, and it'll (hopefully) pop up the URL to the request you're thinking of.

Works on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. (Note that it may be conflicting with some other scripts? I had to drag it to the beginning of my list in the Greasemonkey settings for it to work on LiveJournal)
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09:23:00 — @DanielEfton (innuendo, but close nuff!)
09:23:16 — @exor674 \o/!
09:24:12 — @mayerman I am dying laughing at that video. First screen says "For people who love muscles" -- ya THINK?
16:41:29 — @teshiron yeah, best not, I think ;-) *erases wall of TMI TEXT*
18:05:37 — @omgaeula but why avoid slash? D:
18:11:15 — @omgaeula I am a slow bloomer *nods*
18:15:57 — @omgaeula oh right! Good luck with the boards. The slash will still be there this time next week ;-)
19:01:40 — @teshiron I did, and I even removed my custom :set lcs settings (which highlights tabs and trailing whitespace).
19:02:25 — @teshiron still cannot see any ^M; have tried typing in ctrl+M, too, but nothing even with :set list on.
19:03:38 — @omgaeula *grins* Yeah. I'm reading Pushing Daisies fic right now; all short so far, not much long fic (so not quite timesuck)
19:56:57 — @omgaeula it is *amazing*, I love it. I think, based on what I've seen of your tastes, you'll enjoy it too!

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