Jun. 5th, 2009

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I've been bringing my work laptop home this past entire week, and now that it's Friday, all I want to do is go home, get some proper rest, and do Dreamwidth stuff.

So I was fighting with myself, trying to decide whether I wanted to bring my laptop home again this weekend and I actually started this entry intending to ask you guys to help me decide. But ... man. No! I don't care! I won't!

I won't get anything done anyway, and it'll just be there making me feel guilty.

SO I AM HAVING FUN THIS WEEKEND GUYS. (For values of fun which involve lying curled up with my laptop doing code stuff/ chat. Which is to say, very much ;-))
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00:18:01 — @exor674 yes! (But also, nooooo :()
13:35:04 — my attempts to try to focus on work by ignoring everything else is backfiring because I get distracted by the lack of everything else!
13:35:23 — sneaking back in, but keeping quiet. I shall be a good girl, really *laughs*
13:41:34 — I keep typoing <em> as <emo> today! What gives?
13:44:54 — @iruka11 end of message! ^_^
13:50:51 — @mayerman my italics are sad :(
13:59:33 — *snickers* just got linked to where someone bristles at their grammar being corrected, says "how dare to you to insult myself?"
14:17:04 — cheesy cheesebread, you're the one ~~
17:11:30 — @habeo that was it! But now I can't remember the rest of the jingle, hepl!
17:11:45 — @azurelunatic omg. now I have "all by myseeeeeeeelf" earwormed. :(
21:23:39 — @habeo oooh. I guess tama na ako. I thought there would be another word before "favorite"!
23:47:10 — @habeo they grew up? that kinda makes me sad
23:47:16 — @omgaeula apparently! I'm um. not sure how I did that

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