Jun. 12th, 2009

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Tonight, I finished the last two of the bugs which had been hanging around in my queue, taunting me for weeks. This means that of the seventeen bugs assigned to me, fourteen have patches which are now awaiting review, one (mood themes) is a placeholder where I'm taking no action at the moment, one is awaiting discussion or a final decision so I can either patch or resolve WONTFIX, and only one is actually awaiting investigation/patch -- and that last one I just picked up tonight.

Bugzilla has no reason to whine at me anymore. Except for how I signed up for Zilla to email me my outstanding bugs every Saturday. Feel so light!

Hmm, I should pick up something new soon.

Also, also, I'm finally making some headway into my backlog at work -- enough so that I had energy after work to spare to go to gym (making up a bit of what I owe to my body).
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I'm watching Soul Eater this fine Saturday Friday* morning, gradually waking up. New character was introduced! "Buttadaki Joe, aka BJ", and the name has me in hysterics for all the wrong reasons.

* Thanks [info] - personalursamajor! Also, we have no work today because it's June 12, Independence Day.
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02:03:09 — @KDPatrol ooh wow. I can't believe I almost forgot. Happy birthday, Philippines ;-)
10:30:17 — @KDPatrol I think that globe is blocking phtwitters because they're providing their own (more expensive) service
11:05:57 — @KDPatrol ooh sun gateway? okay that I don't know! maybe phtwitters itself is down
11:06:21 — @KDPatrol hahhaa kaya pala . I was wondring why your tweets about UKG came in so late in the morning!
14:35:07 — @DanielEfton I admit, now I wat to try that

Total: 5 tweets

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