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02:25:05 — grr I was hoping that it was the getting rid of s1 that causes the inconsistency of behavior for bug 880, but I can't see it
03:46:46 — YAY all my old bugs have patches now, or are awaiting a decision or further action elsewhere first
03:47:00 — I still have one new one, which I picked up today, but!
10:18:16 — hee okay so I wasn't mistaken: Mamma Mia deliberately uses all ABBA songs
11:54:18 — little lions:
12:15:22 — trying to get irssiproxy working. It says I'm connected, but nothing is showing up in my cilent!
12:19:13 — eeep it works :)
12:27:37 — pancic
12:27:46 — um *pancit*, damnit
12:46:26 — whoo I'm using irssi-proxy ( and now I think my setup is complete
12:47:11 — the only sad thing: I don't think I can do this via my phone, which was what I wanted it most for, since I can't set up port forwarding
14:36:09 — past a certain point, I can't tell the men in The Tudors apart. They all look the same? And have the same hair? And the same beard?
15:12:19 — hmm I kinda like irchon for the iphone, except for how it doesn't allow private messages?
16:55:39 — oh ergh I can't add an unlisted channel to the Conversation IRC client? damn
18:31:03 — head aches slightly from concentrating on learning to drive, but I feel good.
20:15:33 — oho Babble looks promising. IT lets me switch to the next active window using cmd+/
20:16:11 — Babbel, not Babble
20:22:20 — okay I think I'm really really happy with Babbel :) simple IRC client, with the hotkeys I need. best would be if it had cmd+1 through 9, ...
22:26:09 — >_<

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