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I'm cleaning up my friends list, but only to remove abandoned journals, for people with multiple journals.

If I delete real-you by accident, let me know!
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I was going through my list of script suggestions, trying to move them over to a more organized list, and I've realized I promised a *lot*, but given the way things stand, I won't be doing most of them.

It's probably not a big deal at this point, since most have been standing so long, they've been forgotten! But if there's anything you asked for before, and still haven't forgotten about/still do want, poke me so I can move it to a todo list I'm actively looking at, rather than let the idea molder (and die).

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I've moved over my scripts to my site (after months of putting it off. Thank you, [ profile] ciaran_h for hosting them this past year <3).

Old site:
(redirects to)
New site:

I also spent some time cleaning up naming conventions and namespaces. These changes break all old direct links to scripts, and may prevent many scripts from being recognized as the same script if you have to reinstall for any reason (which means duplicate scripts in the list, or preferences not carrying over).

But this is the last time I'm doing something like this, and it won't cause any problems for any scripts newly installed or written from this point forward. (And should not cause problems for the majority of existing scripts, either).

The best part about reorganizing is that I've managed to consolidate new scripts and script updates which had previously been scattered across three different sites! And some of these scripts weren't linked to from anywhere else, so it was all a mess.

It feels good to have them all neatly referred to from one location. This page will likely remain more updated than my account :-)

I've announced most of my scripts before, but I think LJ Search Defaults was only done through PM, and the autocomplete for the taglister hadn't gone public before. Some others I brought up in IRC, but might not have brought up in an entry or added to the old site.

Anyway, take a look if you're interested! It's all red and white now, too: here be scripts

All changes can be tracked with, though that includes the website updates as's possible to track individual scripts by going to (note ending "?"), which I should mention, but I'm too lazy to add a link beside each script at the moment:
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I always wondered why my ahia's closet, which he passed on to me when we reshuffled rooms oh, about ten years ago, had that ugly landscape poster on it. It turns out it was covering the area where I and ahia and shoti recorded our growth with permanent marker. All of the marks are from late 1993.

I'm currently prying the stapler wires out of the wall with a pair of pliers. Afraid I'll get cut by a rusty one.
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Dedicating this Saturday to throwing out crap from my grade school/high school days.

Starting with the pink drawer in the corner, where there's a leak, so most of the stuff is probably moldy and unrecoverable. I can't keep them around any more, but that doesn't mean I don't want to remember them.

cut for length, lists, rambling, and a bit of my first almost-relationship )

Cleaning up

Sep. 4th, 2007 04:55 am
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Just threw four years' worth of notes mixed in with almost ten years' worth of accumulated junk. Weighed them all outside, and it came out to a bit more than 25 kilograms. Still have a lot more to sort out, but I've reduced the piles at the foot of my bed and for the first time in years, I can stretch out fully instead of having to curl up slightly to avoid accidentally kicking away stuff in my sleep.

(I am a slob, okay? :P)

(I did keep notes from a few subjects that were dear to my heart.)


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