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Was trying to cook tuna with chopped up apples in it (following on the discussion of tuna with cooked pears yesterday). Using a wok with a short handle for the first time, for less splatter, instead of the long-handled pan I had been used to until now.

Noticed it was going askew, grabbed the handle. STUPID. Don't touch hot metal.

Left index finger too shiny and sensitive to touch anything right now. Left thumb somewhat painful but at least can put pressure on it. Still able to type, but with some hilarious slowdown around the letters near the center of the keyboard. (for my layout that would be "u", "y", "k", "i").

Left hand askew to compensate and so left middle finger can do all the work my left index used to. Have already told someone to "have gun", when I meant "have fun" (or did I? *mysterious background music* coding hard, need backup.)

Typing weird. Sound funny. Send help. (Balm has soothed the initial pain. I can concentrate on things other than the throbbing of my finger now, as long as I don't try to put any pressure on it.

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First of all, you guys have been amazingly supportive and helpful <3 And second, eggs. Must repeat, EGGS.

So remember how yesterday, I wanted to do scrambled eggs, and got sidetracked and ended up with poached eggs instead? Well today, I decided I would do scrambled eggs, but then got sidetracked and ended up with cheese omelette.

PS. No-stick pans FTW!

This day marks the first time I tried cooking with oil ([personal profile] zarhooie is right -- cooking eggs with oil does not lead to the scary splattering that deep-frying say, chickens, would. I feel better now :-)).

I think I've also managed to figure out a technique of cracking eggs that works for me. I got suggestions to crack against a flat surface, with a spoon, but not against the rim of the bowl, and so far, cracking the egg sharply but firmly against the counter top has been win \o/ No egg-shell fragments, and much easier to pull apart. (Thank you so much to everyone who gave me videos, instructions, and a list of steps *G* Food is so much less gritty this way)

So today was still exciting for me:

I figured out how to figure out when there are flames on the stove. The trick, you see, is to not stare straight down at the top of the pan, which blocks the view of the flames below. The trick is to stoop slightly, and look aslant, to be able to see the flames against the bottom of the pan. (I may have turned the stove on and off some five times, convinced that the stove wasn't working right)

So I let the pan heat up. Grabbed an egg, tapped it against the counter, things were going well, and then I managed to sprinkle about half a teaspoon worth of black pepper all over it. Oops! I scraped off as much as I could, but there was still an awful lot of black. I ended up grabbing a second egg (and the milk carton, since I was staring at that section of the refrigerator already), (the countertop rapping thing worked again :DDD) (I think I love milk in my eggs, now that I have tried doing it on my own).

Some olive oil on the pan, poured the egg on, swirled it around with the fork a bit (systematic scraping in a circle.). And then fit of inspiration, ran to the refrigerator and back, and broke pieces of cheese all over the omelette.

(It was definitely an omelette now, and not scrambled eggs, which were my original intention. I wonder if I shall ever make real scrambled eggs?)

SO GOOD THOUGH. All gooey and cheesey and melty and warm and toasty.

Breakfast may now be my favorite meal of the day :-) Now to figure out what I shall do tomorrow.

Perhaps scrambled eggs?

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I meant to do scrambled eggs, as [personal profile] zarhooie suggested, but then I got a craving and a container of vinegar in my hands, and the next thing I knew, I was making poached eggs and toast.

(I also have orange juice, but I mooched that off someone else's labor. Mmm orange juice).

Verdict: poaching eggs is less scary than frying them*. Less hot stuff flying around. It turned out surprisingly well, too. But then I did have someone guiding me through the process. It was perhaps a bit too soft, so I shall have to leave it on longer next time (but I was impatient! And hungry! Also see: ravenous)

So today, I:

  • turned on the stove (it made a whoosh sound, and then flames. I did not realize the stove makes a whoosh sound. Why did I not realize this? And it turns out that at some point since I last looked, we got a new stove, one that no longer needs the clicker to start the flame. That makes me happy because trying to coordinate the turning of the knob with the clicking of the clicker looked complicated. And this now just looks simple. Like, the difference between manual and automatic transmission. HUGE.)

  • boiled water (...I'll leave it at that. Hush, don't laugh :-))

  • cracked an egg over heat (I have cracked eggs before, but always over a bowl, and always to hand over to somebody else. This is different! )

  • cracked an egg over something and managed not to get eggshells in it (I have maybe done this once before. or twice. Usually I have to get out the fork and dig.

    PS. I'm still not sure how to crack eggs properly. Hit it with a spoon, tried to break it apart. Got eggy stuff on my hands D: Tomorrow I'm trying scrambled eggs though. More eggs, more practice. Hopefully eggshell free as well?)

  • oh, and popped a piece of toast into the toaster oven. It involves time, and ingredients, and heat. It totally counts.

* Note that I have never actually tried to fry an egg
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And I have been scared to learn, so I am determined to do so at some point in this next week.

So far, I have:

  • cut carrots (it looks easy! I did not realize it was possible to do it horrendously badly! But I did it anyway! (both the cutting and the horrendously badly!) )

  • cut chicken into chunks (across the grain. or the, the, whatever you call the texture. I think I scared people with my knife. BUT. I did it anyway ahaha )

  • mixed chicken in the thing you coat it in before cooking (in this case, dab of rice wine, black pepper, sesame oil, soy paste. Then some corn starch afterwards, to keep it tender, I think (sesame oil on my hands smells so very good) )

  • rejoiced over not yet wrecking dinner \o/

PS. Have not yet touched the stove.


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