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Was trying to cook tuna with chopped up apples in it (following on the discussion of tuna with cooked pears yesterday). Using a wok with a short handle for the first time, for less splatter, instead of the long-handled pan I had been used to until now.

Noticed it was going askew, grabbed the handle. STUPID. Don't touch hot metal.

Left index finger too shiny and sensitive to touch anything right now. Left thumb somewhat painful but at least can put pressure on it. Still able to type, but with some hilarious slowdown around the letters near the center of the keyboard. (for my layout that would be "u", "y", "k", "i").

Left hand askew to compensate and so left middle finger can do all the work my left index used to. Have already told someone to "have gun", when I meant "have fun" (or did I? *mysterious background music* coding hard, need backup.)

Typing weird. Sound funny. Send help. (Balm has soothed the initial pain. I can concentrate on things other than the throbbing of my finger now, as long as I don't try to put any pressure on it.

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When I was a kid, I was scared of escalators. I was terrified of the sharp "teeth" at the top and bottom, and I was convinced that if I didn't step off fast enough, I'd be sucked in and shredded to bits.

It was so bad, that my dad had to patiently teach me to get on, get off, get on, get off, go with the flow, get on, get off. And eventually I got over my fear of the escalator -- though even now, I take care not to step off too close to the edge.

Today, my shoelace got caught at the bottom, and was stuck for a few critical moments before I could tug myself loose. I didn't get sucked in. I didn't get shredded. I SURVIVED. HOORAY.

Now, let's not talk about the time I was scared that a water-monster would pop up from the bowl and drag me down, if I sat on the toilet too long...
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One thing I really love is symmetry/finding patterns. I don't do it on purpose, but finding a pattern when I'm not looking for it, is guaranteed to brighten up my mood. It's easy to find a pattern in money: you have either the physical quantity, or the numerical value.

That is why, when I eat in the canteen upstairs, I always take the fifty-six peso meal, and pay with a hundred pesos. They only ever offer change in one of two ways:

1. two twenties and four one-peso coins (Which adds up to 44! And four is two times two, so it's two one-peso coins per twenty. That works!)
2. four ten-peso coins and four one-peso coins (1:1 ratio for the two different kinds of coins. They do this breakdown much more rarely, but every time they do, it's like, JACKPOT, dingdingdingdingding.)

And that is my embarrassing life revelation for today.
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I'm trying to remember how to send a direct message. I accidentally posted something public that I shouldn't, and managed to give THE tiny subset of THE WHOLE WORLD who reads my Twitter a peek into the random, embarrassing series of events that is my life.

Deleted now, so it only reached those who were following me through something other than the web interface. Still, oops?
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I forgot that certain characters under certain conditions will cause parts of a word to be expanded as a variable in Perl. (In other words, my password was wrong because a portion of it was being recognized as a variable "$xyz", which was blank ;))

*whistles innocently*

The original script is barely recognizable, as I had to redo the feed fetching, parsing, authentication, time(zone) handling, and posting to LJ. However! The HTML format of the output remains (mostly) the same.

Had to rework the feed-fetching-related stuff because the RSS feed has too few items (only 20). The archives XML file, which gives 80 items at a time, is in XML, but not RSS. They require different approaches to authentication as well. I feel a bit guilty about fetching directly from the archives instead of from latest items, but I only do it once a day, so it seems reasonable enough.

Given the problem with the password, the authentication for my RSS feed probably never worked. I just didn't notice it, because authenticating on that feed had no effect, given my settings!

For some reason, @lj_tags = ["tweets"]; was parsed as "array(0xblah)" when posted $lj->Setprop_taglist (in LJ::Simple). However, using @lj_tags = qw(tweets); works. As does using LJ::Simple::QuickPost. It's likely I've misunderstood something about the way lists work in Perl.
ETA: Ciaran has explained it to me :)
( [] indicates an array reference. I got that first line from the original code, which uses QuickPost, which expects an array reference, so it worked for that, but not when I switched to Setprop_taglist. Refreshing my memory about scalars vs lists vs references now *g*)

Now that it works, I have to resist the urge to redo it to optionally use JSON instead of XML (for the sake of those who had trouble installing the XML::Parser, since that would only affect a few people, and of those few people, I'm probably the only one who wants to do Twitter->LJ via this script). I also have to resist the urge to add options to grab other things available via the Twitter API.

So yay, my Twitter stuff archived here: (backdated so that it doesn't double-spam, forchrissake).

<3 [ profile] aveleh, [ profile] murklins, [ profile] ciaran_h for bearing with my babbling over IM (while I tried to figure out how to best tweak certain things *g*)


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