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Tonight, I finished the last two of the bugs which had been hanging around in my queue, taunting me for weeks. This means that of the seventeen bugs assigned to me, fourteen have patches which are now awaiting review, one (mood themes) is a placeholder where I'm taking no action at the moment, one is awaiting discussion or a final decision so I can either patch or resolve WONTFIX, and only one is actually awaiting investigation/patch -- and that last one I just picked up tonight.

Bugzilla has no reason to whine at me anymore. Except for how I signed up for Zilla to email me my outstanding bugs every Saturday. Feel so light!

Hmm, I should pick up something new soon.

Also, also, I'm finally making some headway into my backlog at work -- enough so that I had energy after work to spare to go to gym (making up a bit of what I owe to my body).
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I've been trying my best to get into shape, and about a week ago, decided to take it seriously. My plan is to go to the gym M-T-Th, yoga W-F, swim every other Sunday, laze every Saturday. The schedule has some leeway built in, but I need to make it a regular habit, or else I'll start forgetting and slacking off, which is what has happened all previous times.

For the first time, I'm also monitoring what I eat, so I can adjust the proportions of rice to meat to vegetables to fruit to sugar properly (I think I need a bit more meat and vegetables, but my fruits and sugar are about right).

So tonight, I crossed my fingers and checked against the body-mass index machine at the gym (which is pretty nifty, by the way), and I've lost a pound of fat and gained a pound of muscle. *flexes*

Twenty-one more pounds to go to reach a healthy/normal weight :-) After that I'll aim for the middle the range, and try to keep myself reasonably on that level. Still a lot to go, but this is the first visible sign of progress I've had. I'm excited!

(However, this week/next week, I'll be at the a seminar June 18-19, in Cebu end of this week/beginning of next week. That will be a sizable gap in my physical activity. I'm worried I'll lose momentum. )
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I just finished the Mizuno run. 2 hours and 3 minutes, much longer than my previous time. Though we got there late, so maybe subtract some ten to fifteen minutes from my official time? In which case it was not so bad.

The run was pretty much a disaster of uncoordination. No water for 5k runners, no water for 10k runners, no water for 15k runners. There was some water, but only enough for the frontrunners. Those of us in the middle and rear of the pack could only look at the empty ice chests and hopefully and dream of liquids, which was worse than having no water at all.

I felt a distinct pang of pity for the volunteers manning the booths. I mean it was not their fault that the race coordinators had not prepared well enough, but they were there, and an easy target of frustration from a couple of thousand thirsty, cranky runners. Poor guys.

I now know I can run ten kilometers without water, but it is not something I wanted to find out this way :)

After we passed the halfway point, we ran alongside scummy canal water, and I was so desperate for liquids that I began fantasizing about stopping, scooping up a handful to my mouth, and taking a sip. I didn't actually do it, but I really *really* wanted to.

The distance markers were also placed misleadingly. When I saw the 10k marker, my heart jumped, but it turned out that it was marking the 9k point, and the beginning of the final tenth kilometer, which flouted traditional understanding and just plain didn't make sense.

I am tired and cranky with disappointment. It promised to be a good run, since it was a big brand sponsor, but the lack of proper organization meant that I had nothing to protect my from thirst and heat. On the plus side, I think that I may have spent a longer period (than in my first attempt at a 10k run) jogging in the first half before I ran out of steam and started alternating between a jog and a walk. However, the heat (and to be fair my being unfit) quickly sapped my energy, and because there was no water, I had no way to replenish it. Grr. I can't compare my performance in this run to my last one because everything went wrong here, so I cannot tell whether I am getting better or worse :(

Well, I finished another 10k, though, when I would have sworn just last month that I would not have finished five. And these days, I finish five quite... Not easily, but not too painfully, either. That is something at least ;)

PS. Given the name of the brand, it was such a disappointment that there was no water. Such a disappointment.

PPS. The contented lethargy that settles in after a run has just hit me. I am too sleepily content to be cranky any more. I will probably nap the day away. And then I will try to get into shape again starting tomorrow. I may not run much until summer is over (it's getting pretty hot. Even stone walls in the shade in the early morning are disappointingly warm - found out when I leaned against them earlier today, hoping they would leach some of the heat from my body). So i may not run much, but I would like to be ready for the next time.

PPPS. Nagy, darling, we were not able to coordinate our run. Maybe we can hunt around for a nice gentle 5k run instead, so we can stop before the morning gets too hot?

PPPPS. So sleepy but happy. Maybe it was a good run after all.

Not a run!

Mar. 28th, 2008 09:14 pm
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Stayed in the office a bit later than I'd planned to, and ended up not having time to take a run. I would have had time, but I forgot to punch out at the end of the day. I remembered just after I had changed into gym clothes, so I had to hastily change my pants into something less ugly/less comfortable, and headed back from the gym to my office.
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I ran my first 10k run today! My legs may not work tomorrow, but I ran 10k!

More "walked, jogged, and tottered" than "ran", but I don't care. I finished it! I signed up for the 5k, but it turns out my application didn't make it in time. One of my sister's friends, however, who signed up for the 10k didn't show up, so I got her race pack instead.

I took a very long time to do it -- a bit more than an hour and a half, maybe an hour and forty minutes, whereas everyone else I was with finished before an hour twenty, but ahhaha, 10k.

I initially decided I'd stop after 5k, because that's what I'd originally signed up for, but then I thought to myself that since I was already there, I might as well try for 7.5k... and then after I finished 7.5, I only had one lap to go, so I might as well finish it.

Silly fu. Silly, silly fu. I'll regret it tomorrow, but it was an amazing feeling to step through the finish line.

My new shoes are definitely much better than my old ones. Better cushioning, and although my feet were sore after the race, it was more an ache which started after I'd run more than 5k, rather than the stabbing pain that I experienced less than 2k into the first one. I limped a bit after the run, but my feet felt healed after sitting down for a while, which was not the case before.

Afterwards, I went out with my sister's friends to eat breakfast (tapa at D... Da... Dra...something). Stopped by the bazaar briefly, and then went to my grandpa's place for lunch (alimasag and fresh shrimp!). Oddly enough, I didn't feel as sleepy as I did after my first run. Nevertheless, I lay down to take a quick nap, which extended itself to about six hours. Oops :-D

The run itself was interesting. Pinay In Action, an all women's run in celebration of Women's Day. In practice, there were quite a lot of guys who joined the run, but they weren't eligible for any prizes.

Overall, an interesting day. We'll see whether I still think it was worth it when I wake up tomorrow.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:55 am
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I feel deliciously sleepy right now; I shall probably head back to bed soon.

The run was fun, especially once I warmed up, but I think I need to get shoes with better support for the arch of my feet. I had to walk for the majority of the route because I started getting sharp stabbing pains through my arch when I tried to run.

The only other downside was that they said there would be water every 2.5km, but they didn't have any water at the midway point. They only handed out the water at the finish line which... kind of seemed pointless? I wanted the water during the race to pick me up when my energy was flagging. After the race, I could have gone to get my wallet and bought water on my own.

Once I fix my feet/shoes (and train up a bit more), I should be fine. Good experience. Keeping an eye out for future runs. I wonder if I can interest anyone I know in running with me? It's only five kilometers, and you don't really have to run :-)

(It took me just a bit over an hour to finish the route. So slow; must do better next time.)


Feb. 2nd, 2008 11:50 pm
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Mm, heading to bed early tonight as I have to wake up early tomorrow in preparation for joining a 5km run.

I suspect I'll alternate between "walking" and "walking more slowly" :-)

Yoga class

Feb. 1st, 2008 10:48 pm
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Officemates invited me to join them for a yoga class. It is the most exhausting way I have ever tried to get relaxed (alternatively, it is the most relaxing way I have tried to get exhausted).

Four major things involved: breathing, stretching, balancing, and contorting your body into painful yet oddly satisfying positions.

We began by doing several variations on the sun salutation, which I can't really remember now, but it involved, in no particular order, a standing fold, a downward-facing dog (?), a chattarunga (sp/terminology?), a triangle pose, a warrior one pose, a warrior two pose, a cobra, a something-else dog(?), an arching of the back and interlacing of the fingers which had no name, and a raising of the hips which had a name but I've forgotten what it was.

After forty-five minutes of this, I was sweating more profusely than if I'd been running on the treadmill. It was easy at first, but around the third or fourth repetition, my body realized that I was basically putting it through slow-motion push-ups, and it began to rebel.

Then there came the balancing, which sounded easy at first, but I couldn't balance on my left leg, couldn't balance on my right leg, couldn't balance on my stomach. I also failed majorly at reaching various parts of my body, i.e, I could reach back for either foot while I was lying on my stomach, but I couldn't reach both feet at the same time. I also couldn't reach over my shoulder with one hand to grab my other hand behind my back. It looked really easy, but when it came down to it, I just couldn't stretch that far.

The instructor started going a bit too fast for me near the end. She'd say something about tucking our left leg in, and then crossing our right knee over our left thigh, and I'd sit there for a few moments, trying to puzzle out what you'd call a cross between your knee and your thigh: a knigh? A thnee? And then she'd tell us to raise our arm in line with our ear, which would be the signal for me to go "oops" and realize I have no idea which way my limbs should now be tangled.

And in the end, after doing shoulder stands (not as acrobatic as it sounds), bicycles, scissors (PAIN), bridges (over troubled waters~), and wheels (over more troubled waters?), we got to my favorite part: lying on the floor of a darkened room, not quite asleep, just sort of drifting.

I think it was the first time I've ever been completely devoid of guilt, and grief, and even happiness, in a long time.


Jan. 29th, 2008 05:28 pm
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I don't have an internet connection for the next few days, but on the bright side, my sister earlier managed to pick up the Wii that she won in a Christmas raffle. We were planning to get a unit in Hong Kong, but my sister won one the night before we left. It took the organizers a while to actually buy the unit since it was sold out during the holidays, but it's free, it's coming at about the right time (still no connection at home!), and I even have the right game for it (Super Mario Galaxy -- which is still sold out everywhere here, as far as I can tell).

Just need to clear out the space in front of the TV later so we don't knock over the lamps. I'm excited!


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