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Yuletide fics have come out and there's a four day weekend coming up.


PS. What is the URL for the site again? >_>
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Somebody just wrote a Harry Potter parody/AU set in my school.

Note that that's not the link to the original entry, but the original entry requires forum membership in order to view it. Also note that there are too many in-jokes for it to be of interest unless you're an Atenean.

Lux in Domino and Animo La Salle as spells, ftw ;)

...there's even a "19 years later" epilogue. Dude. *dead*
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[ profile] oompahlumpia, I did not realize that you were an Eyeshield21 fan as well!

*♥ at you*
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JUJU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I got the letter! And the nail thing! And the picture! And the manga! (And amazingly, I had 18-22, but did not 17 <3333) I am now torn between reading Slam Dunk!, and reading Eyeshield 21.


PS. Thank you for putting up with me for those 69 straight hours XDD (How'd you figure it was 69 hours?)

PPS. The first chapter of volume 17 makes me want to cry, aww.
afuna_archive: (make my day) mas gusto pa ng iba na magka-anak kay Lee Hom kaysa kay Brad Pitt :-P

(Not sure if this has made it onto your fandom radar? Actually, not sure it's even the kind of thing you want on your fandom radar).
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* unfriended and refriended by my darling ketchup mayo tuna salad (I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU UNFRIENDED ME BECAUSE I ASKED YOU TO BECAUSE YOU HATE ME (but you friended me back so I love you again, hi))

* friended by someone I love and respect from support (hi!)

* friended by someone I adore and respect from comm days (hi!)

* invited to [ profile] pinoy_yaoi (I love the userinfo of this comm (it makes me go "EEEEH! :DD! Wanna join!") but work/life/support sucks up so much of my time, that I'd just lurk and then gradually fade away D:)

* one more notification I'm waiting for and crossing my fingers, but morning was so long ago and hazy, I wouldn't be surprised if I imagined it. I didn't imagine it, it was real. Details when my heart starts beating again, and my brain unmushes itself, and my fingers don't shake, but eeeeeeh :) So basically, I got the good news just after I woke up, and then again the same good news just before I head to bed, and it still has the power to make me high. Trying to suppress my squeeing, so I don't wake up my sister, but cannot stop my foot from waving behind me (and occasionally thumping on my pillow -- quietly)

PS. Feel a wave of nostalgia coming on. Trying to suppress it ;)


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