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So [ profile] foxfirefey did this nifty program for generating visualization of network linkage from fdata. I volunteered to be a guinea pig, and got this! (I LIKE IT)

per-cluster close-ups behind cut )
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Juju I got your postcard <33 <333 So cute <33 <333333

I am dutifully ignoring the space <33

PS. Sea otters!!
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I'm cleaning up my friends list, but only to remove abandoned journals, for people with multiple journals.

If I delete real-you by accident, let me know!
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Got together with my friends tonight, as an early birthday celebration for [ profile] cherubelle (or was it just a normal get together? No, I guess it was an actual celebration, because we bought her a Happy Birthday cupcake, and Hello Kitty cupcakes as well).

[ profile] cherubelle, Your face just before we brought out the HK cupcake for you was priceless <3 Sorry <3

I feel guilty because there was a miscommunication in the food order, where I cancelled my first order which was a set meal -- Hawaiian Chicken something -- and ordered something else -- a burger steak, where the burger steak turned out to be more than four times bigger than a normal one from Jollibee Granted, I canceled my order before the first waitress walked away, but I guess I wasn't clear, or something.

After dinner, we headed for Starbucks to sit down and talk over a smaller table (cozier, less need to shout). [ profile] iruka11 had to leave early, but she at least left with coffee! I had peppermint mocha, decaf; I think the only coffee I've ever drunk with any sort of regularity. Mmm.

I kind of miss college, and yet it is good to be working and to have some money in my pocket that I earned (even if I sometimes feel like I'm not productive enough to justify being paid for what I do. But having money feels good, so shh.)

Eventually, talk turned to elevator horror stories (I feel for you guys. I thought I had it bad -- after work, I choose to run down the twenty-five flights of stairs rather than have to wait for the lift, but I have nothing on you D:) Oooh and apparently my "thing" is that I squee when I'm excited, bounce when I'm happy, and laugh all the time.

(Speaking of elevator horror stories and laughing, I spent the trip up after lunch, laughing for no particular reason, and desperately failing to contain my laughter. Managed to control myself long enough to get off the elevator, but then staggered across the hallway, half-bent over with laughter, in front of the CTO. Probably looked crazy. Maybe actually was.)

I have tried to be calm, dignified, poised. Not happening, sorry, sorry. Sorry!

No geek talk today, but it's okay. Earlier today, I wrote out "function form() {" and thought to myself Mmm, that's right, because form must follow function. Immediately felt terrible. STILL DO. So I guess I needed a break?

I still bring up how good it feels to earn money every opportunity I can. I don't particularly care how much or how little I'm earning. I'm just happy I am.
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Went out with friends to Shangri-La Plaza today, and watched National Treasure. It was pretty good. What I liked most about it is... (cut for spoiler) )

I liked it; it was interesting.

Speaking of things that I like because they're interesting, check out this gorgeous take on the Cinderella story (not a fairy tale; not for kids. Warning, contains sex. I would babble on about it, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Also, words fail me). I've linked to part ten, as it links back to parts one through nine, so do take care not to scroll down that page until you've read the first parts. Originally found via the wonderful [ profile] keilexandra.


I was late to the movie because I accidentally left my wallet at the office last night and had to drop by there first to search for it. Found it in my jacket pocket, untouched. After the movie, I handed out boxes of chocolate truffles (my pasalubong from Hong Kong!). Some milk, some dark, some white, some hazelnut. I hope you guys enjoy them ^_^

Discovered an easter egg for the mall -- a set of out of the way restrooms. No lines! Woohoo!

I felt ravenous after the movie, so I suggested dinner (Pho Hoa; Vietnamese noodle place. Never eaten there before. Flank+brisket+tendon noodle soup is quite good.) Kinarir ni [ profile] habeo ang hoisin sauce ;) Kinarir ko naman ang bean sprouts at basil. Wanted to have some mango crepe, which apparently was infused with pandan, but I was too full after the noodles.

Dinner conversation revolved around various languages, including English in the Philippines, PHP, Java, Lisp, Erlang. A few quick dips into load balancing (which sadly I know little about), and the rules governing domain names and valid email addresses rounded out the small talk nicely.

[ profile] jan247 had to leave early! Sad! But okay, we understand. Some things are more important than friends ;p And then it was just me, [ profile] habeo and [ profile] iruka11. Headed to PowerBooks, right next door to the restaurant. There was a sale! Everything was at least 20% off, so I bought four books: silly book about being a Filipino (You know you're a Filipino if...), The King of Attolia and The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (I've read The Thief, set in the same universe, and liked it, so this seemed a good gamble), and then bought Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley.

I just remembered that someone may have recommended that last book to me last year (before it was published), though that wasn't in my mind when I picked it up from the shelf. Hmm. Aha, found it.

I love the smell of books, the feeling of covers under my fingertips (matte, glossy, smooth, rough, everything), the fonts and colors as they sit there on the shelf. I have a hard time keeping my fingers and my eyes away from them. I tend to get dizzy when walking past shelves of books, especially long ones, because I'll be trying to walk forward to get to the next set while my eyes (and occasionally fingers) are still trying to read everything behind me.

I'm still revelling in the feeling of having money in my pocket. This is the first major thing I've bought for myself since I started earning*. I mean I've bought books before, but I didn't have to pay for them or anything.... It feels good to own my books completely utterly entirely.

*lunch and treating my family to dinner do not count!

Had on a blouse that was cut lower than I usually wear. The deep V has an amazing slimming effect, but it meant that I had to take care that I didn't accidentally flash anyone when I crouched down to get at the books on the lower shelves. I also had on my sister's sandals so I could walk tall (the things I will do for more height ;-)), and I keep forgetting how much I like the crisp click-clacking of hard heels against tiles. So nice. Tried not to be too obvious that I was enjoying walking so much, but so nice.
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Just came back from dinner out with my younger brother's close friends and their families. My brother's death has brought us all together, it seems. There were about thirty of us tonight, split across three tables: one table for the dads, one table for the moms, and one table for we the younger generation.

Had fun! Friends are a blast! The dads' table was the rowdiest. They had the most wine and beer on hand. So :p Almost went out for a Wii party with the guys (the guys, not the dads) after, but my sister and I have work tomorrow and no way home tonight, so we decided (regretfully) not to go with.

Dinner was amazing. Lots of normal Chinese banquet fare which, though I've had them many times, I never get sick of, especially not when from a good-quality restaurant: asado, chicken cold cuts, jellyfish, century egg, lumpia, crab ball or fish ball or something, sharksfin, duck+wrapper+hoisin sauce (peking duck?), abalone+mushrooms, steamed fish, noodles. The best thing of the night was definitely the crab fried in its own fat. So sweet on the tongue. I had three pieces, where I'd normally only have space for one.

Ended the night with taho which you could mix with sago and the sugar-sauce to taste. Street taho is still the best, though.

One hazard of being in a Chinese restaurant in a relatively small population is that you're likely to bump into your relatives there. Pretty much assured of seeing an uncle or an aunt or a cousin or a grand-uncle's son's family or something. Tonight we saw my mom's third-sister's family there, sitting at the same table with the family of the girlfriend of one of my cousins. I sense a wedding in the works :-)
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Jayvs (can I call you "Jayvs" just like I call Jaime "Jaims"?):

Ngayon mo lang ako in-add? La ka talagang kwenta :P
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Went out with friends after work for dinner. Was [ profile] habeo's treat, because he just got regularized. (Thank you again [ profile] habeo for the treat! And congratulations on your regularization ;))

Let's see. Ate at Razon's with [ profile] habeo, [ profile] iruka11, [ profile] cherubelle, [ profile] jan247, [ profile] steph6u, and Mic. The halo-halo at Razon's is great. Mmm. I should drop by there some time and buy some of the pastries to bring home as well.

I have missed you guys so much. It's a good thing our offices are so close (we should do it again some time! Find an occasion, or if there's nothing there, make one up please). Is "Just This" League the name that Steph decided upon? I vaguely remember being loud and singing "The Coconut-nut" song ("but this delicious nut is not a nut"), and laughing so hard that my stomach hurt, but I can't remember what we actually talked about XD

It is freaky; you guys have been working for five/six months (and I've been working for about five weeks, hah).

PS. [ profile] steph6u, I know you don't read this, but sige na nga. +1 ka na :-)
PPS. [ profile] iruka11, you make me want to pull out the DS again, and re-play Phoenix Wright and/or Ouendan ;-)


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