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One thing that has frustrated me about interacting with LiveJournal programmatically, is that ?format=light does not work on all pages. It's not really something that affects most users would notice, but certain (Greasemonkey) scripts would be much much easier to write if the entry/journal pages could be guaranteed to follow the same format.

Mostly I've kludged around it by working off of the archive pages, which respond to ?format=light, so I could get data consistently. I have a script which scrapes the lj-cut text, so it can be seen in the inbox which does this. [ profile] murklins has done me one better, with a script which lj-cuts your inbox, like the entry text. I do not know how I ever lived without this. Lifesaver. Adore, love. Seriously.

But for other pages, it's been a process of trial and error, trying to figure out whether ?format=light is supported (tag page supports it, showing a page based on s1shortcomings). Uh. Archive pages, as mentioned above. Reply pages and entry pages, obviously, using core, I think.

Not affected by ?format=light are friends and recent entries. LJ site scheme pages, meanwhile depend on the user's site scheme, unless you append ?usescheme=blah, which I always forget to /o\

It's all possible, but it can get messy depending on what you're trying to do. Which is why I love that LJ offers a mobile view. Love <3

The gist of it is that LiveJournal offers a minimalistic view for mobile phones/browsers (I suspect screenreaders could benefit). No header graphics, less junk overall, more consistent look/feel, and most importantly if you're hijacking it for scripting, it works consistently! To trigger, you need to supply the appropriate user agent:

   method: "GET",
   headers: {"User-Agent":"w"},
   url: $url_here,
   onload: function(details) {
       // do something with details.responseText

The important part is the useragent line. The rest is just the normal stuff you need to fetch and process a page.

I haven't used it in an actual script. And since I don't play around with LJ much anymore, I'm not sure when I will. But it is a potential solution to what has up to now been a tedious problem.


Dec. 28th, 2007 07:44 pm
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Just discovered the google IM translation bots which I have dutifully added to bitlbee. Now I wonder: is it possible for me to set up my personal gmail account as a bot and play with my mail that way? risk? Also, may not even be possible at all to access email from GoogleTalk. Hmmm. But I bet I can at least access *some* Google services this way.
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Abby, I'm making this for you (though anyone else can join in if they want). Post new script suggestions, ideas for improving current scripts, and bug reports here. Take a look at my current Greasemonkey scripts my current Greasemonkey scripts, and see if you think of anything!

(Poor man's tracker, ahaha)
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I'm at the office, but there's nothing left to do today. (We've been told we can go in three hours early, take a two hour lunch, and leave early as well if we want. We just have to be here around 2pm :P). Was bored out of my mind, so after lunch I decided to try to climb up the twenty-six floors to my office. (I run down the stairs every evening, because it's faster and easier than waiting for the elevator, but I'm working with gravity then.)

What I found out:
* It takes four minutes and ten floors to go from "Hell yeah, I can do this" to "oh shit no wtf make it stop."
* The halfway point is not really the halfway point because there is no thirteenth floor
* It takes nine minutes to go from the ground floor to the twenty-seventh floor, including pauses to pant for breath
* The whole trip takes ten minutes total, including the minute taken to duck into the bathroom and freshen up so that I don't look like I just walked up twenty-odd flights of stairs
* The enemy's gate is down Down is definitely more fun than up
* I need to stop getting bright ideas :P
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I'm beginning a campaign. This shall be a sticky post until the idea is implemented, or I get tired of campaigning for it, whichever comes first.

Posting via telepathy

Short, concise description of the idea
Instant journal updates just by thinking of them!

Full description of the idea
Use telepathy to post to your journal; no need to type up posts. You'll never again have to worry about losing another entry just because you couldn't make it to a computer in time.

An ordered list of benefits

  • no more discrimination against slow typers

  • will help those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • more accessible to those with assorted disabilities

  • sometimes, you think of something brilliant to post but can't remember what it was when you sit down to type it. If you could only post it the moment you think the thought, you would stop losing these brilliant ideas

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • possible discrimination against slow thinkers

  • possible discrimination against visual thinkers (versus verbal thinkers). Solve it by adding a telepathic module for LJ's Scrapbook

  • sometimes, certain ideas that were brilliant when you thought them up turn out not to be so when you post them. This isn't because you forgot the original phrasing or whatnot; it's because the idea wasn't actually brilliant in the first place. Certain LJ users may be forced to realize this and bruise their egos

  • LJ would first have to prove the existence of telepathy

  • LJ would have to develop in people the ability to post telepathically

  • LJ would have to develop or buy the hardware required to catch telepathic posts. Such hardware would have to work at the speed of thought

  • billions of people would realize that this is a brilliant idea, sign up for LJ, and try to post at once. Might kill the servers

  • LJ would be blamed for an upsurge in stream-of-consciousness writing

  • possibility of posts containing certain thoughts that users would, ah, rather not admit to

  • dude, thoughtcrime

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • I don't know, but the idea is absolutely fab, and I'm sure that everyone will love LJ forever if you would just give us this (oh, and more userpics)

(Originally posted as a comment here. Reposting it as an entry because I need to put it somewhere where I can edit the grammar. Also, grabbed the title and short description from [ profile] chasethestars).
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I've been lurking around [ profile] news/[ profile] lj_design/[ profile] lj_releases, hoping for any news that the userpic has been dragged back down to the bottom by sheer force of gravity, if nothing else. I even made a couple of comments saying that having the userpic at the top seriously disrupts my workflow (I tried to stop myself, honestly I did).

Then I realized that I didn't need to wait for the powers that be to change their minds; I could work on my own solution. So in between studying for my polsci long test and studying for my theo quiz, I tried my hand at modifying update.bml and I came up what has to be the world's ugliest update.bml page ever. And it only really works for me because I don't think that anyone else wants to lose their music and location fields, or to have their mood icon preview and userpic preview side by side.

world's ugliest update.bml page EVER )

But see, I don't care! AHAHAHA.

I have a list of tags! I can change my icon without having to scroll up! Everything that I need is right where I need it, and life is good.

Welcome to my world, my personally tweaked update.bml. Bless your ugly little Greasemonkied face heart.

I could move the music and location fields to the right instead of removing them entirely, but right now that's more trouble than it's worth, considering that I don't ever use them. For me, they're icing on the pudding -- that is to say, don't like, don't use, don't need.

Oh and I still feel guilty over the screenscraping involved in fetching those tags so still not making the (tag-related) code public until I've added even a tiny measure against overdoing that. Unless I don't need to. Gah! Help!


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