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While renovating my grandfather's old room, we found an envelope full of old paper money. It's weird to see just how much things have changed. I'll see if I can get a good image of them, and I'll try to get the modern equivalent as well ;)

There are bills from the time of four different presidents: Ramon Magsaysay, Carlo P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, and Ferdinand Marcos. The weird thing is that the design reminds me more of US dollar bills than the modern incarnations. The text is even in English instead of in Filipino.

I wonder when the currency was redesigned? Also, anyone with a better grasp of history able to tell me how old these bills probably are (based on the presidents who signed them)?

Looking at the bills individually now, and I'm pretty sure that the redesign was done in Marcos' time. The money signed by all the other presidents is in the old style, and looks more like the dollar. All the bills with Marcos' name on them have had a facelift, and they are much closer to the modern version.

The old-style bills have this line running across the bottom: "This note is legal tender in the Philippines for all debts, public and private" (emphasis mine). Sound familiar to anyone? The Marcos bills have the same text translated into Filipino.

They all look like play money.

This is seriously, seriously cool.

Update 2:
I just found a 10-peso bill with Marcos' signature, which makes sense because he couldn't have started redesigning the money until he started his term, so he'd have needed to go with the old-style bills first.

I've also found a one-peso bill. Hahaha!

Front, compared to the modern $1 bill:

back view and picture of a modern (PHP100) bill for comparison of the layout )
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What should actually be showing up in that entry is the welcome video of OSX Leopard.

It's definitely not something being done by lj-toys, and I get the ad-filled page when I visit the page directly, so it's not just within the iframe. Somehow, Firefox is directing me to the wrong site/domain. But how? And why?

Not cache, because it persists after I clear and restart.
Not an extension, because I'm reproducing in an empty profile. Actually, for that reason, shouldn't be cache, either.

nslookup from my machine returns a different result versus the nslookup from [ profile] ciaran_h's server. Plus, lj-toys works properly on Safari, but not on Firefox; I don't know why.

nslookup results )

Fu: 0
That site: eleventy-one

Dre fixed it <3 Added a line to /etc/hosts, and now I have no problems. It's hacky, but it works. *purrs at Dre*
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I feel content right now. Finally figured out why entries in syndicated accounts occasionally don't seem to follow logic in their ordering and deletion. The entries should ideally be in reverse chronological order, and entries older than fourteen days are deleted. However, if you visit the actual recent entries page of a syndicated account, you'll occasionally see that some entries are out of order, or that there are some entries that were posted to the feed more than fourteen days ago.

No one really notices it, because most feeds update far enough apart that you only ever get one new entry per fetch, or it doesn't really matter what order they appear on your friendslist as long as they show up. And who's going to complain about keeping older entries around?

It bothered me though, because there was no apparent logic behind the (re)ordering and the nondeletion. It wasn't being ordered by the date shown on the entry, and it wasn't being ordered by the entry id either. In fact, it didn't seem to be ordered by anything that I could see on the page (that's because it in fact wasn't ;)).

The other weird thing was that the reordering/nondeletion was usually accompanied by a complaint of the feed not updating. I thought at first that there was something wrong with the parsing of the feed, which would account for the misordering (the dates were not being recognized perhaps?), and which would explain why the feed wasn't updating properly. Turns out that it was the other way around: the feed not updating is the cause for the misordering and the apparent late deletion.

In a word: "logtime"
> plus two words: "vs. entrytime" (display time? eventtime?)
In twelve words: "ordered by logtime; entries fetched at the same time have equal logtime"
> six more words: "been staring me in the face"

In other words: "I love advanced S2 customization -- hi $entry.system_time"

In more words than that, but you need to be able to see ICs in Syn, requests #800206 and #796055

And with that, I think I've investigated/ICed on/touched the last really stale request that I can. The rest of the things I can handle are only about a week old or less.

(Now it's time for me to concentrate on the stuff I need for China!)
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Hahaha, I feel immensely silly right now. I've been staring at, trying to figure out how two pieces of date-parsing code were related to each other, and I only just realized that one is Atom-specific, the other RSS-specific, and that if you're in an Atom feed, which is what I needed to look at, then you return before you reach the RSS-specific parsing code.

(I thought that there would be another module for parsing RSS, just as there was for parsing Atom and that a certain block was being called when parsing both RSS and Atom *facepalm*)

I've been looking at this (dumbly) since last night.

On the good side, the reason I couldn't find where certain attributes were being handled is because it looks like these attributes aren't being handled at all (the attributes in question being _atom_updated and _atom_published; only _atom_modified and _atom_created are being processed).

I wonder why the Atom parser doesn't use w3cdtf_to_time. Are Atom feeds guaranteed to more strictly follow a certain format?

Must recheck my results in this request later, but it looks right to me. If it pans out, then RT.
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Investigated all four issues while I was logged in to LJ and as both logged in and logged out of Photobucket.

four different issues with inserting images via RTE: diagnostic work, error messages, all that dull stuff )

More context in the headers themselves. Urgh, I'm too lazy to dig around PB to figure out what's going on (not even sure I can? Dig around, I mean. Also figure out what's going on)

'Kay, I think at this point, I need to update the RT ticket about being unable to paste images using photobucket, and possibly file another one about the "OK" button's appearance being delayed, and another one about the "please type image url" popup. And then uh. Possibly IC where necessary, but tomorrow. Think I need to stop work on this particular issue for today. Need a night's rest before I can whip this into shape to make coherent ICs, reports, etc. Here's to hoping I don't forget :P

Also, must remember to find out whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem (more to the point, if not everyone is experiencing this problem, then why?)
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I find it interesting that servers respond to the Range header in so many different ways.

My newest toy is a simple Perl script which I wrote to test why certain feeds can't be syndicated on LJ. I've only had a chance to use it twice, but both times the feed couldn't be created because the Range header makes the remote server return 206 (Partial Content) instead of 200 (OK), and each server had a different idea of how it should serve up partial content. And to confuse things even more, some servers return 200(OK) even when the Range header is specified.

First request I tried it with, the remote server returned the feed as a gzipped stream. Second request I tried it with, the server couldn't handle a byte range beyond a certain size (the size of the feed, maybe?); anything larger than that, and it returned 416 (Requested Range Not Satisfiable). I know that the problems with Bad Behaviour are also caused by the range header, but I am not certain about the specifics, other than that it's rejecting the requests because the byte range starts with a 0.

I really should drop this, since there's literally nothing I can do about any of it and there are more productive things I could be doing right now. But. Maybe I'll just check out one more feed if another request about failed feed creation comes in, even if finding out what's wrong isn't likely to help get the feed syndicated.

Enough synning for today! I'm jumping ahead of myself again. I have yet to answer a feed change request where the answer is a simple "yep, valid. Feed changed"; I should get on that soon ;)


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