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I just finished the Mizuno run. 2 hours and 3 minutes, much longer than my previous time. Though we got there late, so maybe subtract some ten to fifteen minutes from my official time? In which case it was not so bad.

The run was pretty much a disaster of uncoordination. No water for 5k runners, no water for 10k runners, no water for 15k runners. There was some water, but only enough for the frontrunners. Those of us in the middle and rear of the pack could only look at the empty ice chests and hopefully and dream of liquids, which was worse than having no water at all.

I felt a distinct pang of pity for the volunteers manning the booths. I mean it was not their fault that the race coordinators had not prepared well enough, but they were there, and an easy target of frustration from a couple of thousand thirsty, cranky runners. Poor guys.

I now know I can run ten kilometers without water, but it is not something I wanted to find out this way :)

After we passed the halfway point, we ran alongside scummy canal water, and I was so desperate for liquids that I began fantasizing about stopping, scooping up a handful to my mouth, and taking a sip. I didn't actually do it, but I really *really* wanted to.

The distance markers were also placed misleadingly. When I saw the 10k marker, my heart jumped, but it turned out that it was marking the 9k point, and the beginning of the final tenth kilometer, which flouted traditional understanding and just plain didn't make sense.

I am tired and cranky with disappointment. It promised to be a good run, since it was a big brand sponsor, but the lack of proper organization meant that I had nothing to protect my from thirst and heat. On the plus side, I think that I may have spent a longer period (than in my first attempt at a 10k run) jogging in the first half before I ran out of steam and started alternating between a jog and a walk. However, the heat (and to be fair my being unfit) quickly sapped my energy, and because there was no water, I had no way to replenish it. Grr. I can't compare my performance in this run to my last one because everything went wrong here, so I cannot tell whether I am getting better or worse :(

Well, I finished another 10k, though, when I would have sworn just last month that I would not have finished five. And these days, I finish five quite... Not easily, but not too painfully, either. That is something at least ;)

PS. Given the name of the brand, it was such a disappointment that there was no water. Such a disappointment.

PPS. The contented lethargy that settles in after a run has just hit me. I am too sleepily content to be cranky any more. I will probably nap the day away. And then I will try to get into shape again starting tomorrow. I may not run much until summer is over (it's getting pretty hot. Even stone walls in the shade in the early morning are disappointingly warm - found out when I leaned against them earlier today, hoping they would leach some of the heat from my body). So i may not run much, but I would like to be ready for the next time.

PPPS. Nagy, darling, we were not able to coordinate our run. Maybe we can hunt around for a nice gentle 5k run instead, so we can stop before the morning gets too hot?

PPPPS. So sleepy but happy. Maybe it was a good run after all.


Jun. 18th, 2007 12:02 am
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So I met [ profile] juin in person. When I set out that morning, it was with a fuzzy idea of picking her up from the airport and then staying overnight for maybe one night -- head back home the next morning and then meet her again in the afternoon, maybe?

I ended up staying with her from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, with only one (brief) chance to use the internet *g*.

[ profile] juin: I miss you already. I hope you had an uneventful flight <3.
[ profile] richestgrave: You should have hung out with us more :O
[ profile] bittersplendor: I wish we could have come in contact before [ profile] juin left :'( However, if you're not uncomfortable with meeting up, I have something for you from her, so message me when you see this?
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[ profile] richestgrave!! We really have to talk about [ profile] juin's upcoming trip *_*

Two more days to go to plan everything!!!!!!!


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