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Seriously, Eclipse. NOT HELPING.
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So [ profile] foxfirefey did this nifty program for generating visualization of network linkage from fdata. I volunteered to be a guinea pig, and got this! (I LIKE IT)

per-cluster close-ups behind cut )
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And mangos and strawberries.

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Continuing along the lines of my previous food pics, here is some chicken with rice at McDonald's.

Chicken  )

Is it true there is no chicken in McDonald's of other countries? I can understand the lack of rice but surely there must be chicken at least?

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McDonald's spaghetti was originally created to compete against a rival popular Filipino fast-food chain.

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I am assuming that chicken with rice has a similar story as well.

PS. McSpaghetti looks roughly the same though I think it has more ground meat and less hotdogs.

Aha, friend commented with a an image of the McDonald's stuff

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Merienda for today

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1. Open graphics program of your choice.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Draw a cat.

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Finally got around to scanning in/tagging/annotating the old bills we found late last year.

[ profile] lady_angelina, especially, may want to see the old money pics.

I am particularly proud of this one of a five-peso bill which I annotated the hEll out of ;-)
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A couple of weeks back, someone called me pretty (well they didn't actually use the word pretty, but I say it's close enough), and ever since then, I have been preening and indulging my vanity and, you know, prettifying.

*unabashed grin*

So um, today I went to get a facial.

That is all

Because [ profile] av8rmike asked, pictures:

before and after )


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