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Was trying to cook tuna with chopped up apples in it (following on the discussion of tuna with cooked pears yesterday). Using a wok with a short handle for the first time, for less splatter, instead of the long-handled pan I had been used to until now.

Noticed it was going askew, grabbed the handle. STUPID. Don't touch hot metal.

Left index finger too shiny and sensitive to touch anything right now. Left thumb somewhat painful but at least can put pressure on it. Still able to type, but with some hilarious slowdown around the letters near the center of the keyboard. (for my layout that would be "u", "y", "k", "i").

Left hand askew to compensate and so left middle finger can do all the work my left index used to. Have already told someone to "have gun", when I meant "have fun" (or did I? *mysterious background music* coding hard, need backup.)

Typing weird. Sound funny. Send help. (Balm has soothed the initial pain. I can concentrate on things other than the throbbing of my finger now, as long as I don't try to put any pressure on it.

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Seriously, Eclipse. NOT HELPING.
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I just finished the Mizuno run. 2 hours and 3 minutes, much longer than my previous time. Though we got there late, so maybe subtract some ten to fifteen minutes from my official time? In which case it was not so bad.

The run was pretty much a disaster of uncoordination. No water for 5k runners, no water for 10k runners, no water for 15k runners. There was some water, but only enough for the frontrunners. Those of us in the middle and rear of the pack could only look at the empty ice chests and hopefully and dream of liquids, which was worse than having no water at all.

I felt a distinct pang of pity for the volunteers manning the booths. I mean it was not their fault that the race coordinators had not prepared well enough, but they were there, and an easy target of frustration from a couple of thousand thirsty, cranky runners. Poor guys.

I now know I can run ten kilometers without water, but it is not something I wanted to find out this way :)

After we passed the halfway point, we ran alongside scummy canal water, and I was so desperate for liquids that I began fantasizing about stopping, scooping up a handful to my mouth, and taking a sip. I didn't actually do it, but I really *really* wanted to.

The distance markers were also placed misleadingly. When I saw the 10k marker, my heart jumped, but it turned out that it was marking the 9k point, and the beginning of the final tenth kilometer, which flouted traditional understanding and just plain didn't make sense.

I am tired and cranky with disappointment. It promised to be a good run, since it was a big brand sponsor, but the lack of proper organization meant that I had nothing to protect my from thirst and heat. On the plus side, I think that I may have spent a longer period (than in my first attempt at a 10k run) jogging in the first half before I ran out of steam and started alternating between a jog and a walk. However, the heat (and to be fair my being unfit) quickly sapped my energy, and because there was no water, I had no way to replenish it. Grr. I can't compare my performance in this run to my last one because everything went wrong here, so I cannot tell whether I am getting better or worse :(

Well, I finished another 10k, though, when I would have sworn just last month that I would not have finished five. And these days, I finish five quite... Not easily, but not too painfully, either. That is something at least ;)

PS. Given the name of the brand, it was such a disappointment that there was no water. Such a disappointment.

PPS. The contented lethargy that settles in after a run has just hit me. I am too sleepily content to be cranky any more. I will probably nap the day away. And then I will try to get into shape again starting tomorrow. I may not run much until summer is over (it's getting pretty hot. Even stone walls in the shade in the early morning are disappointingly warm - found out when I leaned against them earlier today, hoping they would leach some of the heat from my body). So i may not run much, but I would like to be ready for the next time.

PPPS. Nagy, darling, we were not able to coordinate our run. Maybe we can hunt around for a nice gentle 5k run instead, so we can stop before the morning gets too hot?

PPPPS. So sleepy but happy. Maybe it was a good run after all.

Oh internet

Feb. 5th, 2008 10:04 pm
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What's up with you now?

21:57:55 xxxxxxx:~ xxxx$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 132.675 ms 7.090 ms *
2 ( 1851.211 ms 2236.005 ms 2345.997 ms

The packets are getting through; they're just taking forever. It feels awfully similar to dial-up lag.

Or, or, an activity I participated in recently where you were split into "tribe members" and "anthropologists" who were studying the tribe customs. One such custom was that a tribe member could only respond to a question after a five-second delay. If the anthropologist asked too many questions too quickly, the tribe member must wordlessly walk away, so conversations were held with tiny, but noticeable gaps.

Or, or, a CYA book I read where you end up being mildly out of sync with everyone else timewise, so everything you did only showed up to everyone else some ten seconds after you actually did it and you had to carry a sign around you at all times, to prevent bus drivers from running over you and the like (and I'm not sure why carrying a sign around you works. Oh wait, I just realized: if they could see the sign you're carrying ahead of them five seconds ago, or later, or summat, that would give them enough warning to stop ahead of their time so they don't hit you in your time. Or something.)

Okay, enough flogging myself my connection. I think I'll start to pound something if I try to wait through any more page loads. If anyone needs me for anything urgent, send me an e-mail, and I will respond offline and send it back to you. (I can let the mail download/upload in the background, so I don't feel the effects of the lag, except that I'd see your message a few seconds later than I normally would, but ohwell ;)). Not that anyone ever needs me urgently, but I don't know how long it will take before this is resolved, so I may be relatively quiet over the next few days (so don't need me urgently, unless you really need me urgently, mmkay? <3)
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My brother forgot to pay the bill, so our connection was cut off yesterday morning. I didn't find out about it until I got home late late late last night. For the time being, I'll only be able to go online from work. Should all be sorted out within the week (I hope *g*)

I know I've left some things hanging -- I'll try to get them sorted out if/when I have free time at work.

(Also, I miss you guys <3 I was out Saturday and Sunday, and busy at work on Monday afternoon, so I was looking forward to a relaxing night of catching up with a lot of people, but I guess that didn't happen.)
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Suddenly broke down and started crying today, and just as suddenly stopped.
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Arggggggggggggggh. I have spent the past two days fighting with timezone offsets and DST. I'm getting heartily sick of this whole date handling thing D:

Also, I got lost on the way back to work from lunch today ):
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The insulation of the charger of my laptop just melted, I think, and it made this strange crackling noise and flickered with ominous green sparks when I jiggled the wire. I have the work laptop, so I'll still be able to come online, somewhat, but I don't want to do too much non-work-related stuff on there so we'll see.

I hope I can get a new charger soon. It is a good thing I saw the problem before I went to bed D:
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I think I just lost my cellphone. It may have fallen to the street when I got out of the car to go to the office earlier this morning. The address book is going to be hard to rebuild, but I can poke friends for their numbers over YM. It's the photos that are the hardest blow. There are several there that are irreplaceable, including a few that I took of my brother the week I spent home.

I may have saved them somewhere, but I'm too drained to go digging through folders. I'll try tomorrow, as I still have the bulk of the demo to prepare today. (I feel very unprepared; I can do demos easily. It's the powerpoint etc etc bit of it that I'm horrible at, and that I still haven't started yet.)

Today has been generally crappy. On my way to work, I gassed up, but the gas station wouldn't accept my credit card and I didn't have enough cash to cover it so I left my card with them and rushed home to get cash (unnecessarily as it turns out -- they got the machine to work shortly after I left). Was almost late to the office, and in my rush, I dropped my wallet into a dirty canal as I got out of the car (this is what I'm worried happened to my cellphone as well). And then near the end of the day, I realized I could not find my cellphone anywhere.

I only hope the cellphone is somewhere in the car.

(I'm too numb from being tired and busy to actively stress out, but the day could seriously have been better. (I just remembered that I backed up my photos earlier this week. ...for which I am so very glad. I just need to remember where.))
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I've been to the LTO thrice to get my student's license. Guess what? Still no license.

The first time I went, on Wednesday, they had already closed even though it was just 2PM. Told me to come back the next day. Went a second time today (Friday), but apparently I needed ID pictures (I was under the impression that the ID picture taking would be done on the spot; guess not). Went to get my picture taken, came back after half an hour

...and they were closed again, even though it was just 4PM.

At some point, they *will* let me get my license, and I *will* learn how to drive. It's way past time for me to do so. (I've never had to drive before because we've always had more drivers than cars. Now that that's no longer the case, I have no choice/excuse.)
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What should actually be showing up in that entry is the welcome video of OSX Leopard.

It's definitely not something being done by lj-toys, and I get the ad-filled page when I visit the page directly, so it's not just within the iframe. Somehow, Firefox is directing me to the wrong site/domain. But how? And why?

Not cache, because it persists after I clear and restart.
Not an extension, because I'm reproducing in an empty profile. Actually, for that reason, shouldn't be cache, either.

nslookup from my machine returns a different result versus the nslookup from [ profile] ciaran_h's server. Plus, lj-toys works properly on Safari, but not on Firefox; I don't know why.

nslookup results )

Fu: 0
That site: eleventy-one

Dre fixed it <3 Added a line to /etc/hosts, and now I have no problems. It's hacky, but it works. *purrs at Dre*
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When I went to the eye doctor for a quick annual checkup, the last thing I expected was to be told that there may be something wrong with my lashes.

I mean, they're... lashes. They sit pretty around the eye, protect it, get the occasional coating of mascara (well, not my lashes, but lashes in general). There's just nothing about them that could go wrong. Apparently, though, lashes should curl outward while mine are pushed down by my eyelids and just sort of stab downwards halfheartedly. It's not too bad right now, but the worry is that if something does happen (please don't let something happen), my lashes won't just go downward; they'll turn inward and scratch my eyes.

The solution to this problem is to have an operation to get a tingsun (double eyelids). This will take care of the excess skin on my lids and let my eyelashes flutter outward and fulfill their full potential (or something).

A few months ago, my mother broached the topic of my undergoing surgery to get a tingsun. See, according to Asian standards of beauty, there's something wrong with my eyelids (and again, what could go wrong with eyelids? See the first part of paragraph 2, but replace "mascara" with "eyeshadow"). Eyelids "should" have that line/double lid thing: mine don't.

At the time, I replied with a noncommittal "meh". But now that it's no longer a purely cosmetic concern, I'm forced to actually think about it.

The good part about the eye checkup is that my left eye has finally stabilized (at -6.50), and while my right eye increased slightly (from -8.00 to -9.00), it's definitely a slower increase than before, so there is hope that the prescription for my eyes may actually be heading towards stability. Once my eyes have been stable for a year (and once I save up enough money, which will take more than a year, heh), I may be able to get laser surgery, which I really, really want. I'm sick of blurriness, of having fuzzy peripheral vision, and of worrying about breaking my glasses when I fall asleep with them on.
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I hate lost password requests. They leave me rather randomly heartbroken, especially when the answer is: "I'm (really) sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you."
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There was a brief blackout; had to use my laptop as a flashlight while waiting for the power to come back on. I am afraid of hate the dark.
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People who smoke indoors are annoying and should be shotput out the door. (Just came back from lunch, where a random obnoxious person decided to smoke inside McDonald's, and now the smell of smoke is clinging to me and I want to bite something).

I figure you'd need to hire someone with strong arms, get some apparatus to help him spin properly, set up some thick padding outside the door, and maybe widen the doorway so that people being thrown out don't actually hit anything on their way out.

...damnit, on the other hand, if you expand the doorway too much, the smoke from all the smokers outside goes in, which would make all the above measures useless.

Locked out

Jul. 15th, 2007 12:17 am
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Forgot my keys and got locked out of the house. Stayed outside for twenty minutes, jiggling the lock, ringing the doorbell, pounding at the door, and calling home phone/cell phones. Unfortunately, almost everyone in the family was out enjoying their Saturday night. The one person who was actually at home was asleep, and I couldn't reach her cellphone. The ringing of the home phone woke her up after a bit though, thank goodness. I was beginning to contemplate curling up on the bench outside the door for a brief nap.

Transferring my keys back to my purse now. I forgot to take them out from the drawer after I got home from the US.

(On the good side, this has made me feel more secure in our home security ;) No windows I could slip in through, no doors unlocked, no locks I could jiggle open.)
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Been switching from computer to computer, according to whichever is available for me to use. Meaning I've been logging in and out and in and out and in and out again in IRC, Gmail, LJ. I don't even bother to log in to any other sites/messaging services these days. Too much trouble when I'm only going to be moving again before I can actually talk to anyone.

On the good side of things, I've managed to get my laptop in semi-working order -- lost everything, heh, but at least the OS boots up and I do have something to use when all the other computers are in use. Plus, I don't have to log out and log in all the time. Good bonus :)

However, I'm still working on the old hard drive, which means that I don't dare do anything which would be lost if the hard drive died on me permanently. Heh.

What it actually indicates is that I need a better backup policy. But before I can focus on backing up currently nonexistent data, I have to take care of real life stuff first (like birthdays! *streeeess*)

Oi, double birthday celebrations suck because things have to be good for both celebrants.
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Damnit. I think my hard drive just failed. That's the second one in two months.
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I've been bouncing from computer to computer all day, taking whichever is free at the moment. The problem is I tried to install Safari 3 beta. I saw the warnings but thought that worst case, I wouldn't be able to use Safari. I didn't realize it would cause my entire computer to be unresponsive!

The last time I had a computer that unresponsive, I was on a ten year old computer with crappy RAM and a rusted hard drive.

It's taken me two days, but things are a bit better. Things still are not as responsive as they used to be, but at least I can click on tabs and switch between applications without having to wait literally minutes in between.

I found instructions to rollback to Safari 2, so I tried it out. Problem was that the system was so unresponsive, I couldn't run the instructions at all. Finally, I decided to repair Disk Permissions first (that took almost 14 hours. It's normally over in less than ten minutes). That fixed the system enough that I could actually click through folders.

There was a scary moment when it wouldn't recognize either of my two accounts as admin users. Thought I'd permanently b0rked up the system. Restarting fixed that -- thank goodness!

Still cleaning up stuff. Hopefully I figure out what's still broken, because a couple of my favorite programs are still limping.
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Oh dear.

I forgot to sleep earlier (by the time I realized it was late, it was almost five a.m., and I needed to get up by six.) And then I forgot my wallet, so no lunch for me today. On the good side, I remembered to bring tissue paper! So at least today will be hygienic.

Despite the tissue paper, I'm weak and tired and hungry and sleepy and gradually becoming less coherent and more irritable, and I can't stop rambling (in my mind at least) because I'm too tired to control myself. Cannot wait to go home. Six more hours to go.


How come the bartering system isn't common any more? Of the things I'm willing to part with in exchange for food I have, in my bag, a slightly stained shirt, wrinkled (but non-sweaty!) jogging pants, an unopened of tissue, several feminine napkins, random receipts, and a half-empty package of oil-control film paper. Surely at least one of these is worth foooood?

Was able to borrow money from a friend (51 pesos!), and had a decent lunch. I feel much better now. Still sleepy, but I can take my mind off that by doing internet stuff ;)


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