Mar. 29th, 2009 11:57 am
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So I had this tiny bar of coffee+cream (chocolate-based candy). And I actually liked it. This had led me I believe that I would like chocolate coffee (oops!) if only it were:

  • sludgey/ thick instead of watery
  • intensely strong with some sweet undertones through the bitterness instead of being blandly bitter and sweet
  • not inclined to make me jittery/make me sleepy/too hyper to concentrate or whatever it is it tries to do to my nervous system

I just want it to taste the way it smells! And not mess me up! This is not too much to ask, is it?

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Continuing along the lines of my previous food pics, here is some chicken with rice at McDonald's.

Chicken  )

Is it true there is no chicken in McDonald's of other countries? I can understand the lack of rice but surely there must be chicken at least?

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McDonald's spaghetti was originally created to compete against a rival popular Filipino fast-food chain.

Merienda for today )

I am assuming that chicken with rice has a similar story as well.

PS. McSpaghetti looks roughly the same though I think it has more ground meat and less hotdogs.

Aha, friend commented with a an image of the McDonald's stuff

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Merienda for today

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Went to cemetery today belated All Soul's. Took the chance to bring the pup out in a crate to walk around and then vet.

Need a better camera to be able to catch him in motion. Most of my pics turned out blurry but sometimes I got lucky.

Pics of Charlie )

We are waiting for him to be groomed now! Not sure if they are doing the coat though.

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Just figured out how to do a screenshot so taking a random pic of something I adore about the official app.

This is my favorite part of the ljapp interface )

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I remember mentioning this before but only saw it again today when I was waiting in line at Watson's.

Placenta soap:

(ps occasionally the toolbar does not open in this app and I am not sure how to activate that. Oh there it goes!)

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Yup it is definitely something in my messages that causes the crashing. When I clear the messages cache, everything is all right :)

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I had just written longish entry praising the LJ iphone app, and it crashes just as I was about to post.


Too lazy to retype now, but until that point, I was very pleased with the app and interface. Still am, actually. Just that I am less likely to try to type anything long or important on it now.

Crashing started I think when I tried to access the messages tab to round out my informal review.

I think it still crashes now when I visit that tab! I do not want to try it again and lose this entry, too. Maybe when I am home.

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