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I've been bringing my work laptop home this past entire week, and now that it's Friday, all I want to do is go home, get some proper rest, and do Dreamwidth stuff.

So I was fighting with myself, trying to decide whether I wanted to bring my laptop home again this weekend and I actually started this entry intending to ask you guys to help me decide. But ... man. No! I don't care! I won't!

I won't get anything done anyway, and it'll just be there making me feel guilty.

SO I AM HAVING FUN THIS WEEKEND GUYS. (For values of fun which involve lying curled up with my laptop doing code stuff/ chat. Which is to say, very much ;-))
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I worked from home today; spent approximately 14 hours doing work, but I finally managed to finish the big task that has been preventing me from touching any of my other tasks these past two weeks. FINALLY. YAY.

Tomorrow should be less stressful, as I get to start clearing out the backlog of tasks that have piled up. I thought about starting tonight, but uh... I think I'll go to sleep instead.

Also, I'm getting a new laptop. Sadly, it's because the previous owner resigned from my company, but on the other hand, it means that I have a laptop whose screen does not wobble backwards and forwards! (I have several times applied tape to it, which works, but only temporarily). It may be faster, too, with more RAM. I'll probably still use my now-old laptop tomorrow, while I download and install Ubuntu 9.04. I am excited!

Oh, and since I was working from home, I was able to turn to my other laptop and commit DW stuff while waiting the ten minutes or so each time I started the build *halo*
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Got into the office at 8:30AM to attend a seminar (I don't get here that early on a normal workday :x). Was up until 5am, banging on Business Statistics stuff.

I am dizzy and punch-drunk and not too coherent right now.

Possibly this was not the smartest plan I have ever had!
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Seriously, Eclipse. NOT HELPING.
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Forgot to tell everyone, but I'll be gone for the next three days, going to the Philippine Open Source Summit in Cebu. I'm pretty excited: it's only the second tech conference I've ever been to, and this is actually more in my line of interest than the first one (Sun Tech Days last week).

Also, I get to fly to another province! My Dad says Cebu is just another city like Manila, but still ;-)

Also, I get to be up at 4AM so I won't be late for my flight! Oh, wait... (But seriously, it's so going to be worth it).

Here is going to be how I'm going to spend the next two days:

Except for Wednesday. Not sure what I'm going to be doing on Wednesday.

If anyone really needs to tell me anything, I can be reached through my @lj email or, assuming Twitter starts sending me text notifs, I can be reached through that as well (but I've stopped hoping that it will ;-))
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Arggggggggggggggh. I have spent the past two days fighting with timezone offsets and DST. I'm getting heartily sick of this whole date handling thing D:

Also, I got lost on the way back to work from lunch today ):
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I was reading a manual when I realized: at this moment, I am *very* *very* happy.

I later ,quoted a paragraph from the manual to [ profile] murklins, because she was wondering what I was reading, and she revised it:

At the bottom of the GenericallySexyObjectEditor dialog are four killer buttons. The first two, Open Sesame... and Save the Whales... allow object orgy configurations to be stored for future use (lube optional). The Cancel (USE IN CASE OF PANIC) button backs out without remembering any changes that have been made (spontaneous amnesia is such a problem these days). Once you are happy and sated with the object and settings you have chosen as your companions, click OK to return to the main Explorer window.rowr!
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Company Christmas party was today! Started after office hours (so 7/8-ish) and then lasted until midnight. Apparently, if you offer a prize of 10k pesos as an incentive, you can get people to do almost anything *grin* Had group presentations, and almost everyone joined in. That sounds almost... corny, but it was actually fun! Everyone let loose, and by my count, about a third of the guys in the office put on dresses for their respective presentations. Their (borrowed) clothes were all prettier than mine. I am envious. And I want those dresses/blouses/skirts in my closet.

I put on my high school uniform as part of my role. It still fits me, just as well as it did during high school; I haven't grown an inch since then (I don't believe in growth spurts. They are myths I tell you. Myths!).

Had a bottle of beer. It's beginning to grow on me. It's just like Cali Shandy, but slightly yeastier, slightly less sweet, and slightly more sour. And the caterer or the hotel (I can't tell which) had the most amazing marble cheesecake. I only got crumbs, as I wandered to the dessert table too late, but oooooh.

I asked for the beer while I was in my high school uniform, and the waitress actually paused and looked me over before deciding to grab me a beer :p (And I think she only gave it to me because I was so obviously in costume.)

Got Christmas baskets to bring home, and ham. (I did not realize Christmas baskets from the office were a normal tradition, but apparently they are)

[ profile] iruka11, did you go to the Accenture party at Astoria? Ours was there too, and I wanted to ask if you were there, but I was too shy to poke my head in, and since I lost my cellphone, I don't have your number so couldn't text you.

Christmas party with blockmates (from university) tomorrow! Or maybe later. I need to wake up early so I can buy a present for the exchange gift *groan* I suck at choosing and giving gifts -- don't say I didn't warn you, my exchange-gift-mate! I... am not sure what time it is, or where it is. Dudes, someone comment please with the info? I won't have gotten any of your text messages, if anyone sent any, because of aforementioned loss of cellphone.

Sunday evening, I'm treating my family for dinner to celebrate my first paycheck (family = immediate family, grandpa, and one set of cousins). Given the number of people going (about 10?), I may actually spend more than I just earned :-)

Busy weekend. Need sleep, and you probably won't see me around much.


Nov. 27th, 2007 03:00 pm
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There was an earthquake earlier today. I was in the office (26th floor!), sitting on the floor and listening to a presentation, when I realized the room was swaying slightly. It didn't take long for everyone else to notice; the shaking grew much stronger but was over in moments. Magnitude 6.0, but it didn't hit Metro Manila that hard. Just to be sure though: you guys all okay?

I know at least that everyone in my family is safe. My sister was the first to contact me; texted me as soon as the tremors died down. Then my mom called and when I didn't answer sent me the same message my sister had, word for word. I couldn't answer the phone as I was listening to a talk, but I did text them both back after *g*. My dad and my older brother didn't even try. (I suspect my dad didn't even realize what had happened) Men. Hmph. ;)

(As a side note, "earthquake Philippines" keeps giving me links that say Monday. Confused me until I realized that they meant Monday their time not ours ;-))

Oh, also, I got free pizza after attending the talk. That wasn't my primary goal, to be sure, but mmmm. Pizza.
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Spent today, and this week, getting my documents in order: taking ID pictures, getting a certified true copy of my birth certificate, signing up for SSS (social security... system?), getting a TIN (tax identification number), applying for Philhealth, making a copy of my passport, digging up my transcript of records, going through a medical checkup, obtaining barangay clearance, and getting cleared by the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation).

So, having proven that I'm of sound mind and body, have no criminal records, can travel overseas if required, am of good moral character, have been entered into the system properly and thus am taxable/insured/<adjective applicable to social security>eligible for benefits (thanks [ profile] cindyg!), I can start work on Monday.

This week has been a blur of standing in line and signing stuff. The NBI claiming section had the longest line of them all, but NBI is not as bad as I thought. Everyone told me it would take the whole day, but the entire process (including waiting in line to pay, get fingerprinted, have my photo taken, and then claim the clearance form) barely took half a day. I'm amused by the fingerprinting guys over at NBI.

The SSS office had a mostly dried out stamp pad in the back of the room, which you could use to stamp your thumbprint to the form. I guess this wasn't good enough for the NBI; they had no less than three guys who efficiently and briskly inked your fingers, affixed your fingerprints to the form, and then offered up moist towelettes for 5 pesos afterwards.

Claiming the clearance form took the longest, since there was only one window where you could claim it from. The line was long; I stood there for almost an hour. Brought a book, though, so it was nothing ;-)

(Then I found out that my first employer is supposed to take care of my TIN and SSS for me -- oops!)
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I start my First Real Job in a week and a half (November 19) :-)
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I've decided on Company E, despite the lower salary, for what I believe will be a better work environment. I'm a bit of an idealist, but I want my first real job to be somewhere I like. (Don't worry, I'll outgrow it someday and become greedy materialistic scum \o/)

It's not going to kick in until February, but OMG my first real job!


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