Dec. 13th, 2007

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Abby convinced me, and I have a Twitter... thing.

I think I like it. It basically lets me indulge in one-way whining in tiny bursts (words stolen from murklins :-)), without having to think too much.

I started in the afternoon by posting to it from GMail chat, but it seemed a bit awkward to have to switch to the browser all the time. Plus, the notifications wouldn't work. After I got home, I tried out Bitlbee on [ profile] exor674's recommendation, and now I'm able to post from IRC (irssi, which I'm logged into via Ciaran's server all the time, anyway!)

What would make it perfect would be if I could post a digest of my Twitter stuff as a backdated entry on my LJ, but I'm running into problems with the Perl modules (reflected on the last few items of my feed hah). I wonder what XML::RSS::Tools does, and whether I can rewrite the script to not use it? (My other alternative is to run it as a cron job from a web server, but it needs additional modules, and I'd have to ask first.)
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01:01:40 — @ciaran_h haha! How do you like it?
01:09:22 — ...I finally managed to install XML::Parser::Expat (been months since I last tried). Now have several new modules to play with.
01:10:41 — @ciaran_h does this mean you'll be using it more often? :-)
01:11:33 — @ciaran_h hee! What changed your mind? And I wonder if there's an irssi script to autocomplete nicks?
01:13:11 — @ciaran_h doesn't work when I append the @ :(
01:48:30 — but now I get a weird error when I try to install XML::LibXSLT so I can use XML::RSS::Tools :(
01:53:40 — @ciaran_h cpan/build/XML-LibXSLT-1.63-31XsEB/blib/arch/auto/XML/LibXSLT/LibXSLT.bundle, 2): Symbol not found: _xsltRegisterLocalRVT
01:54:22 — @ciaran_h I think it's the same as this one:
01:55:11 — Yeah, I know. I could try to dig, but I'm not sure where to start and I should really sleep :)
02:53:36 — @abbylee I think your phone is making the symbols weird. You'll probably see what I mean better once you get to a web interface
02:58:04 — I keep promising myself I'll head to bed before midnight. I always keep my promises! Just... I'm rarely on time. (night)
08:30:41 — @burr86 *sends good vibes*
10:28:59 — woke up a 7, fell back asleep, got up at 8. Transpo strike meant that the roads would have been crowded before 9 anyway
12:15:35 — need to figure out what food kids want to eat for the outreach we're conducting tomorrow! Pizza, chicken, spaghetti, juice, yes?
12:24:01 — @gils9965 what aveleh said. Also, the fact that there's a button (trashcan) that *doesn't work* is messing with me ;)
12:24:34 — @aveleh nope. Maybe it's because I sent it via IM? I want to test more, but I'm beginning to feel guilty about the spam
12:31:51 — @aveleh bah, the intrawebz Gil welcomed me to aren't working. And I blame events of that night on lack of sleep and lack of console colors
13:22:01 — I have fried chicken and tea! (the tea costs more than twice as much as my lunch :-))
15:09:09 — mmm paper cutters
15:42:14 — Broke out the scissors, tape, colorful scraps, cellophane -- for several gift baskets. Arts and crafts! Feel like I'm back in kindergard ...
15:47:43 — hlp
16:04:01 — out ordering foood for the kids! Hope there'll be enough to go around (tomorrow)
18:08:04 — @youlovetam indeed! I didn't see this coming at all :-) (PS. Yes, I do love tam ;-))
21:31:33 — have set up cpan as non-root. Thanks for the tip aveleh :)
21:33:22 — @ciaran_h but I don't :-) (I'm giving up on using it on my laptop, and am exploring uhh other options)
22:35:43 — @youlovetam hee! Sounds like you love Twiter!
22:40:40 — finally managed to delete the stubborn tweets :-) Life is good

Total: 27 tweets

You can find me as afuna on Twitter.


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