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2008-03-04 12:52 am
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Two to Twitter

I recently created a second Twitter account, afuna_wired. afuna is still my main one, though.

The big difference between the two is that afuna is how I sound when I'm talking to other people. afuna_wired is how I sound when I'm talking to myself (and not holding back because I'm worried about spamming people or boring them by talking about things that interest only me).

afuna_wired is much more spammy (30+ compared to <5 for afuna), for obvious reasons ;-)
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2008-02-02 10:52 am

"direct $username" =/= direct message

I'm trying to remember how to send a direct message. I accidentally posted something public that I shouldn't, and managed to give THE tiny subset of THE WHOLE WORLD who reads my Twitter a peek into the random, embarrassing series of events that is my life.

Deleted now, so it only reached those who were following me through something other than the web interface. Still, oops?
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2007-12-14 10:00 pm

Auth issues fixed. `twitter(archive)` script working

I forgot that certain characters under certain conditions will cause parts of a word to be expanded as a variable in Perl. (In other words, my password was wrong because a portion of it was being recognized as a variable "$xyz", which was blank ;))

*whistles innocently*

The original script is barely recognizable, as I had to redo the feed fetching, parsing, authentication, time(zone) handling, and posting to LJ. However! The HTML format of the output remains (mostly) the same.

Had to rework the feed-fetching-related stuff because the RSS feed has too few items (only 20). The archives XML file, which gives 80 items at a time, is in XML, but not RSS. They require different approaches to authentication as well. I feel a bit guilty about fetching directly from the archives instead of from latest items, but I only do it once a day, so it seems reasonable enough.

Given the problem with the password, the authentication for my RSS feed probably never worked. I just didn't notice it, because authenticating on that feed had no effect, given my settings!

For some reason, @lj_tags = ["tweets"]; was parsed as "array(0xblah)" when posted $lj->Setprop_taglist (in LJ::Simple). However, using @lj_tags = qw(tweets); works. As does using LJ::Simple::QuickPost. It's likely I've misunderstood something about the way lists work in Perl.
ETA: Ciaran has explained it to me :)
( [] indicates an array reference. I got that first line from the original code, which uses QuickPost, which expects an array reference, so it worked for that, but not when I switched to Setprop_taglist. Refreshing my memory about scalars vs lists vs references now *g*)

Now that it works, I have to resist the urge to redo it to optionally use JSON instead of XML (for the sake of those who had trouble installing the XML::Parser, since that would only affect a few people, and of those few people, I'm probably the only one who wants to do Twitter->LJ via this script). I also have to resist the urge to add options to grab other things available via the Twitter API.

So yay, my Twitter stuff archived here: (backdated so that it doesn't double-spam, forchrissake).

<3 [ profile] aveleh, [ profile] murklins, [ profile] ciaran_h for bearing with my babbling over IM (while I tried to figure out how to best tweak certain things *g*)
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2007-12-13 02:34 am

Trying out Twitter

Abby convinced me, and I have a Twitter... thing.

I think I like it. It basically lets me indulge in one-way whining in tiny bursts (words stolen from murklins :-)), without having to think too much.

I started in the afternoon by posting to it from GMail chat, but it seemed a bit awkward to have to switch to the browser all the time. Plus, the notifications wouldn't work. After I got home, I tried out Bitlbee on [ profile] exor674's recommendation, and now I'm able to post from IRC (irssi, which I'm logged into via Ciaran's server all the time, anyway!)

What would make it perfect would be if I could post a digest of my Twitter stuff as a backdated entry on my LJ, but I'm running into problems with the Perl modules (reflected on the last few items of my feed hah). I wonder what XML::RSS::Tools does, and whether I can rewrite the script to not use it? (My other alternative is to run it as a cron job from a web server, but it needs additional modules, and I'd have to ask first.)