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Before leaving for China, I set myself a minimum goal for Support points and stuck it in Anna's reminder function -- just in case I started lagging behind and needed a target to aim at.

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Today, she messaged me:

08:14:34 <Anna> Afuna: You asked me to remind you dude, you'd better have gotten 1500 points by now :)
08:16:44 <Afuna> points, afuna
08:16:45 <Anna> Sorry, but I don't know what you mean. Try '/msg Anna help' to see what I can do.
08:16:47 <Afuna> points afuna
08:16:48 <Anna> afuna has 3,394 support points.
08:17:03 <Anna> Afuna: You asked me to remind you okay, make that 1800 points!!!
08:18:02 <Afuna> anna, botsnack (thank you <3)
08:18:02 <Anna> Thanks, Afuna! :D

I guess I did reach my goal, at that!
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So I've split up what I'm packing into a few categories. These are:

  • things I could technically buy there but it would be embarrassing to be without (underwear)

  • things I probably need (clothes, shoes)

  • things I could buy there but it would be nice to have on the first day (pen, notebook, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, napkins)

  • things my mom is making me bring (medicine, these weird plastic things I'm not sure what but I'll take it on faith that they'll prove useful)

  • the essentials (laptop, ticket, passport, school documents)

  • misc (money, ipod, camera)

Probably forgot something, but k.
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Farewell party for me in an hour (and I'm running late *g*)
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I've decided on Company E, despite the lower salary, for what I believe will be a better work environment. I'm a bit of an idealist, but I want my first real job to be somewhere I like. (Don't worry, I'll outgrow it someday and become greedy materialistic scum \o/)

It's not going to kick in until February, but OMG my first real job!
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[ profile] richestgrave!! We really have to talk about [ profile] juin's upcoming trip *_*

Two more days to go to plan everything!!!!!!!


Jun. 5th, 2007 01:49 am
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Leaving in less than twenty-four hours to head home. The trip itself will take more than a day (13 hours to HK, 12 hour layover in HK, and then three more hours to home).

Last minute packing and making sure I haven't left my passport/toiletries/important stuff (like INCRIMINATING PHOTOS) anywhere. I'll come online if/when I can <3

I love it here, but I miss home. Can I take San Francisco home in my pocket? Or Burlingame, if San Francisco is a bit too much to ask.

(Really good thing about going home: when I'm online, I'll (probably) actually be online, instead of being logged in, but just taking a peek at things in between bathing and combing my hair and eating breakfast and getting ready to go out and washing up from going out and eating dinner and brushing my teeth and hopping downstairs to curl up in bed. I shall miss here so much.)
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Meh, my real name has become linked to my LJ just as I enter the job market. I've managed to get the links taken down (thank you, both of you, for listening to my request so quickly *hugs*), but I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of my online life being mixed with my offline life.

I'm also too lazy to check to see which entries, if any, contain incriminating (read: embarrassing) evidence. Therefore, I'm going to change all my friends-only entries to private, and all my public entries to friends-only.

I really dislike having to do this, but it's about time I listen to my inner paranoiac.

Note to self:
Set up a friends-only banner/entry, or whatever it is other people do in these circumstances.


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