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this is the sticky that does nothing. (ETA: Still does nothing) [ profile] afuna
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02:03:09 — @KDPatrol ooh wow. I can't believe I almost forgot. Happy birthday, Philippines ;-)
10:30:17 — @KDPatrol I think that globe is blocking phtwitters because they're providing their own (more expensive) service
11:05:57 — @KDPatrol ooh sun gateway? okay that I don't know! maybe phtwitters itself is down
11:06:21 — @KDPatrol hahhaa kaya pala . I was wondring why your tweets about UKG came in so late in the morning!
14:35:07 — @DanielEfton I admit, now I wat to try that

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I'm watching Soul Eater this fine Saturday Friday* morning, gradually waking up. New character was introduced! "Buttadaki Joe, aka BJ", and the name has me in hysterics for all the wrong reasons.

* Thanks [info] - personalursamajor! Also, we have no work today because it's June 12, Independence Day.
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Tonight, I finished the last two of the bugs which had been hanging around in my queue, taunting me for weeks. This means that of the seventeen bugs assigned to me, fourteen have patches which are now awaiting review, one (mood themes) is a placeholder where I'm taking no action at the moment, one is awaiting discussion or a final decision so I can either patch or resolve WONTFIX, and only one is actually awaiting investigation/patch -- and that last one I just picked up tonight.

Bugzilla has no reason to whine at me anymore. Except for how I signed up for Zilla to email me my outstanding bugs every Saturday. Feel so light!

Hmm, I should pick up something new soon.

Also, also, I'm finally making some headway into my backlog at work -- enough so that I had energy after work to spare to go to gym (making up a bit of what I owe to my body).
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10:17:15 — @azurelunatic heeeee. bug yeah
10:17:34 — @azurelunatic well I mean I guess it could be a suggestion, but seems direct enough?
19:01:56 — @KDPatrol whoa.
19:03:02 — @iruka11 whoa kaya pala bino-block nila. pero ang mahal eh!
22:05:56 — @mayerman weirdly, it's only been hitting my country hard these past few days. Though maybe not so weird: students coming home from vacation
22:06:15 — @omgaeula wait, it's an acronym? for what?
22:07:34 — @iruka11 di siya sobrang sulit though. 2 tweets == 5 pesos == 15 min of internet. I can send more tweets through the web interface
22:28:58 — @omgaeula heee! oh urban dictionary

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08:59:43 — @phoenixdreaming wish you luck, phoenix. Luck, and good thoughts, and that you end up being able to go to a fnatastic place!
21:11:26 — @omgaeula heee! enjoying your summer vacation? ;-)

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13:53:57 — @ninabear <3333 (FO?)
14:26:06 — @iruka11 oh eeek!
17:10:05 — @Starshadow can I have both? *G*
17:10:16 — @Starshadow better sweet than tart, though sometimse it depends on my mood
18:24:39 — @ninabear ooooh! :D
21:12:30 — @Starshadow mmmmm apple pie!

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10:05:39 — @mayerman that could be the beginning of any number of fantasy novels...
10:26:06 — @mayerman on the plus side, at least it means you don't have to go on crazy adventures to save the world!

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So Saturday was a bust. I was hoping to make up for it today, but spotty Internet at my grandpa's place and when I got home (DAMN YOU RAIN *helpless fistshake*) spoiled that plan, too.

I guess watching Pretty Woman and Milk was an accomplishment? Ughh I want my weekend back. Two days of enforced nonproductivity is two days too much!

ETA. OMG. Ten minutes after I post this, and five minutes before my self-imposed midnight curfew, the internet comes back up. Stop taunting me like this! Aggggh!

I shall go pull my net-addicted body away right now, I think. But agggh, that was a cruel trick to play, DSL.
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I love my grandpa <3 He's a bit of a gadget geek. Up to now he's focused on cameras and phones, but today he got his first computer. He saw Dad's iMac in my room when he visited during our last family reunion, grew envious, and decided to get one of his own.

My brother took care of buying a 20-inch iMac (gorgeoussss) and setting it up. Right now, grandpa's reading Chinese news on it. HE CAN READ NEWS WITHOUT HUNCHING OVER A NEWSPAPER WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS GUYS THIS ROCKS.

Okay, so he might have turned his computer into the world's most expensive magnifying glass *laugh* But he rocks and is pretty cool at it. There are a few other things I know he's interested in, and I might be able to show him them once he gets used enough to using a computer to do something other than reading.

PS. Guys, translating geek to English for my parents is hard enough; geek to Chinese for my grandpa is so much harder!

PPS. Would just like to tell you guys that [info] - personalrb is sweet and gorgeous, and that she linked me to her series of simple accessibility hints on ATMac and it is amazing!
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Taking a break on committing until I can figure out how to deal with Bugsy overwhelming #dw.

It's a lazy, rainy Saturday, and I've spent most of the afternoon curled up in bed, reading Wicked. I've seen the musical (a short version live in Japanese. <333 Universal Studios Japan, and the full length musical as well). It's taken me about a month to finish, I haven't been making time to read lately.

The musical and the book are very different. Not going into too much detail, though if you have the chance to watch/read, do; they're both good, in very different ways. Short version: the musical is like high school; the book like college beyond. Slightly longer version: the musical is brighter and happier, but not shallow. The book is darker and grittier, but leaves me hanging at the end.

(I think I would not like Glinda in the musical if it weren't for Kristin Chenoweth. Hmm or maybe, well I liked young!book!Glinda better than grownup!book!Glinda; I liked old!musical!Glinda better than young!musical!Glinda).

So I've closed Wicked, put it aside, and now going through the books in my drawer, I've settled (with some trepidation) on The Lost German Slave Girl. I'm not sure it's the right book for my mood, as I feel somewhat pensive, and this promises to be complicated and emotionally troubling, but none of the lighter-hearted books appeal to my mood right now, for the same reason.
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00:18:01 — @exor674 yes! (But also, nooooo :()
13:35:04 — my attempts to try to focus on work by ignoring everything else is backfiring because I get distracted by the lack of everything else!
13:35:23 — sneaking back in, but keeping quiet. I shall be a good girl, really *laughs*
13:41:34 — I keep typoing <em> as <emo> today! What gives?
13:44:54 — @iruka11 end of message! ^_^
13:50:51 — @mayerman my italics are sad :(
13:59:33 — *snickers* just got linked to where someone bristles at their grammar being corrected, says "how dare to you to insult myself?"
14:17:04 — cheesy cheesebread, you're the one ~~
17:11:30 — @habeo that was it! But now I can't remember the rest of the jingle, hepl!
17:11:45 — @azurelunatic omg. now I have "all by myseeeeeeeelf" earwormed. :(
21:23:39 — @habeo oooh. I guess tama na ako. I thought there would be another word before "favorite"!
23:47:10 — @habeo they grew up? that kinda makes me sad
23:47:16 — @omgaeula apparently! I'm um. not sure how I did that

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