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Juju I got your postcard <33 <333 So cute <33 <333333

I am dutifully ignoring the space <33

PS. Sea otters!!
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Got your package <3333333333333333333333333333

And I miss you <333333333333333333333333333333
And we haven't talked in ages <333333333333333
And the lip gloss is adorable <333333
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Stayed up until 4am last night, writing postcards so i could send them before leaving the hotel. I had a great time matching up postcard designs to names, and adding in some Japanese, which I tried my best to make not-too-grammatically-incorrect. Mwah, all of you, and love.

Japanese children are some of the cutest things ever. Can I smuggle one of them home with me?

I think I traumatized one of them at breakfast though. I smiled at this kid while waiting for her dad to get rice. Next thing I knew, she had run from me and was ftugging at her father's sleeve, going 'tousan, tousan' piteously. I feel so guilty!

Lately I have been eating my rice rolled into my seaweed.

I wonder if it is possible to learn to switch hands. Am trying to do stuff with my left that I usually do with my right.

Spent the day in Disney Sea. Rides were too kiddy. Discussed with my parents my desire to emigrate. More on that in another entry.

Have split off from everyone. Now off on my grand adventure to go meet Ju! One train, one hour (well two trains, if you count the ticket for the disney monorail so i can make my way from disney sea to maihama station). It should be easy, right?

I hate train platforms. Always afraid I shall fall in.

i am in maihama station about 30 min early because i was afraid i would not be able to figure it out. I eventually did (got confused because the line i was on only moved one way, while the other line moved in both directions, so i spent some time trying to find the other platform for my line so i would be sure i wasn't inadvertently going in the wrong direction. Couldn't find it anywhere, which was strange.

We stayed at the first stop for a really long time. Almost as long as it had taken for us to travel from the first station to the second...

Aha! Have finally figured out where to look to find the current station name: it is on the pillar!

I jump whenever we pass by a train going in the other direction. It makes a weird sound.

7 stops away! I was sleepy a few moments ago, but not any more :)

Um, is the train seat actually heated? My butt is warm ;_;

Hm, is "silent mode" called "manners mode (manaa moodo) in Japan?

Three stops away!!! All this excitement is making me hungry.

Is no one afraid of robbers or anything like that? People are taking out their laptops and such on the train. I am getting nervous even just whipping out my cellphone o.O

Ohmygod next stop is Kita-Asaka! *bounce*

It took just a bit more than an hour, like an hour and seven minutes. Night air, brr.

I am currently lurking near the ticket machines like a suspicious lurking thing.

Had teeth-blackening pasta and truffle ice cream and very good fake tiramisu! Enjoyed the drinks bar (soda, mostly, and coffee and tea). Also discussed the merits of eating ostrich meat (they deserve to die because the stupid birds have wings but do not fly.) We then stopped by Mister Donuts for something to take home for breakfast. The green tea azuki p(something) ring was interesting. They also have the most adorable things you can get if you have enough points, so I did my share by helping Ju earn points.

Then we went to another train station, on a different line, to head home ("samui, samui"). Got a speed tour of the area/route to her place; took off my shoes before heading inside. It was compact and so nice and cozy <3 space heater! Poster! Groovy (grooved?) rug!

I stole the second futon from underneath the first one, as well as the bottom blanket, and sprawled on the futon while watching oofuri. Which, by the way, oofuri is good! A bit fanservicey, ahaha. Went through the first 10 episodes and then had to give up because i was getting sleepy and loopy and i think i may have started babbling and my eyes were closing on their own even if i was having fun and laughing at the good parts, but still my eyes closed.

And then it was somehow morning, and we ate the donuts and i had instant royal milk tea and it was good.

Took my gym bag with my clothes and stuff and we headed to Ikebukuro, where Juju brought me to HMV, and then we went to Animate (six floors of anime and manga merchandise, each floor having a different kind!) I actually spent a bit of money at the 200yen random-figurine-in-egg machine, trying my luck for various Oofuri characters. I got a lot of Ta...Ta.. whatsisname, batting genius guy, and also Abe. The duplicates I traded with Ju :D (I COULD NOT STOP. IT WAS LIKE GAMBLING. But with less money and more adorable prizes).

Then up a floor to buy manga (where I bought one of a slightly, uh, more sensitive nature). Oofuri has a lot of doujins. It seems second only to Hitman Reborn? Then up another floor for merchandise (bought a bag, ahahhah. I love it *hugs to self*). Then Ju dragged me away, and we ate lunch at a Mexican place, where I was introduced to fajitas!

Then she took me to Mandarake (doujin shop) for a quick peek, though we had no time for more than that. I saw LOTR doujins *snerk* I forgot there were those; I thought it was limited only to fanart, but I guess it follows naturally?

Then it was time to go home. Ju escorted me to the station in Nippori and there we parted ways. <333 Juju *smoooch*

Had a bit of a scare. Heard the train announcer say that we were approaching Osaka. Thought I had gotten on the wrong train, though Osaka didn't make any sense at all, so I got up to look at the train lines diagram, and realized that we were at (and had just left) Osakura.

And after all that, I got to the airport almost an hour earlier than everyone else, ahahaha.

Dear Juju

Mar. 16th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I meant to call again but it's getting late but I will try again tomorrow maybe I shall get one of those 1000 yen calling cards and call you with that? Unless I can find something in cheaper increments :DD
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JUJU MY LEAVE JUST GOT APPROVED. I WILL BE IN JAPAN FOR NINE DAYS IN MARCH. Ummm. Some of it is going to be traveling around, so I may not see you for more than a day or two, but Japan, Juju, and you, Jujuju. For real, and certain, unless something interferes which I hope nothing does and oh man I have got to start saving up not that I don't really have some money saved up, but I need some more money I think. And I need to brush up on my Japanese again because I have forgotten everything I ever knew *dork*. And and. And!

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JUJU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I got the letter! And the nail thing! And the picture! And the manga! (And amazingly, I had 18-22, but did not 17 <3333) I am now torn between reading Slam Dunk!, and reading Eyeshield 21.


PS. Thank you for putting up with me for those 69 straight hours XDD (How'd you figure it was 69 hours?)

PPS. The first chapter of volume 17 makes me want to cry, aww.
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pretty sure everyone knows about it (except for a certain person who's as oblivious about lj-news as i am about fandom-news (which reminds me we need to talk <3)), but perm user sale started a few days ago and will end in a few days. please note lack of caps. it says, "i am too lazy to do time math so i'm also too lazy to hit shift so there."

(honestly, it almost hurts to not capitalize. my fingers are twitching. but i have to get past things like grammar. and spelling. and proper sane coherent speech. (i have no reason to type a post with no caps other than that i was wondering whether i could. as it turns out, i can, but only if i hit backspace over the occasional mistakenly -- "mistakenly" -- capitalized letter. so i guess this means i can't, actually?)

...i should just hit shift and get it over with.)


Jun. 18th, 2007 12:02 am
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So I met [ profile] juin in person. When I set out that morning, it was with a fuzzy idea of picking her up from the airport and then staying overnight for maybe one night -- head back home the next morning and then meet her again in the afternoon, maybe?

I ended up staying with her from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, with only one (brief) chance to use the internet *g*.

[ profile] juin: I miss you already. I hope you had an uneventful flight <3.
[ profile] richestgrave: You should have hung out with us more :O
[ profile] bittersplendor: I wish we could have come in contact before [ profile] juin left :'( However, if you're not uncomfortable with meeting up, I have something for you from her, so message me when you see this?


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