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Got into the office at 8:30AM to attend a seminar (I don't get here that early on a normal workday :x). Was up until 5am, banging on Business Statistics stuff.

I am dizzy and punch-drunk and not too coherent right now.

Possibly this was not the smartest plan I have ever had!


Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:55 am
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I feel deliciously sleepy right now; I shall probably head back to bed soon.

The run was fun, especially once I warmed up, but I think I need to get shoes with better support for the arch of my feet. I had to walk for the majority of the route because I started getting sharp stabbing pains through my arch when I tried to run.

The only other downside was that they said there would be water every 2.5km, but they didn't have any water at the midway point. They only handed out the water at the finish line which... kind of seemed pointless? I wanted the water during the race to pick me up when my energy was flagging. After the race, I could have gone to get my wallet and bought water on my own.

Once I fix my feet/shoes (and train up a bit more), I should be fine. Good experience. Keeping an eye out for future runs. I wonder if I can interest anyone I know in running with me? It's only five kilometers, and you don't really have to run :-)

(It took me just a bit over an hour to finish the route. So slow; must do better next time.)


Feb. 2nd, 2008 11:50 pm
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Mm, heading to bed early tonight as I have to wake up early tomorrow in preparation for joining a 5km run.

I suspect I'll alternate between "walking" and "walking more slowly" :-)


Oct. 22nd, 2007 12:34 pm
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Am still not sleeping properly. Keep jerking awake just before I reach a restful level of sleep, and it's beginning to show in my eyes. (Everyone keeps urging me to head to bed, but I can't. Or rather I can lie in bed, but then I'll just stay awake or wake up in a few minutes.) I've only been able to get sleep by staying up until 4 or 5am, but I'm awake by 8am anyway.

Have been subsisting on naps, and relying on adrenaline to keep myself going throughout the day. I don't trust myself in this state. (Don't trust my thought process or my coherency. Coherentness. Co... ability to make sense).

However, it looks like this has not affected my ability to play games. In an effort to exhaust myself enough to go to sleep, I've started playing the vocabulary game at and have so far reached level 48 (out of 50) which, according to the FAQ, is pretty rare. Have donated 2040 grains of rice while doing so :)

Check out that site, by the way. It's fun, educational, and you actually get to help someone ten grains of rice at a time.
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Rain has been falling every day for the past week, week and a half. That's the third (fourth?) successive typhoon that's come to the Philippines. Classes on all levels and government offices have been suspended thrice already these past two weeks.

I hear it's much worse in Taiwan -- Signal Number 5. I've only ever experienced a Signal Number 4, and that was scary even though I was safe at home behind very sturdy walls.

The rain has pretty much destroyed my desire to do anything except curl up in bed with the covers over my head and wait it out. For all that, I was unusually productive yesterday. However that might have to do with the fact that I consider "sprawled on my bed typing on my laptop" to be equivalent to "curl up in bed with the covers over my head".

I've been voluntarily trapped at home these past few days. Trapped, because flooding makes it difficult to go out and move about. Voluntarily, because while difficult, it's not impossible. It should be driving me crazy, but it isn't (see previous paragraph about curling/sprawling/lethargy).

The only really bad thing about this is the power outages. Power went off for a couple of hours last night, forcing me to head to bed at the same time normal people do (of course my situation is vastly better than the situation of those who had to fix it). We also lost power for a couple of hours earlier this week, and have the occasional minute-long flickering/outage, but nothing major other than last night.

I'm thinking of heading back to bed now, and I just got up.
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I hate it when 4am sneaks up on me. It happens at the same time every day. How am I not used to this by now?!?
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Damnit, it's 3am, and I'm still awake because I'm trying to get my thoughts in order. I want to go to sleep so badly, that the anxiety over not being able to sleep is actually keeping me awake (though not necessarily alert or coherent).

This is getting frustrating :P
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When I am this tired, I am very ticklish and cannot bear to be touched lightly, but I really really really really really really crave hugs.


I shall need to get a copy of chapter 238 of Eyeshield soon and read. Not going to say anything since not everyone has caught up, but I really want the next chapter(s). When is the next tank coming out? I'm behind a couple of volumes :/


Jun. 28th, 2007 01:44 pm
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Note to self:

Body needs more than an hour and a half of sleep a night. Moreover, no longer (as) young (as before). Cannot live on less than three hours a night every night for half a week straight.

(Events past midnight regularly send adrenaline rushing through my veins, but I pay the next morning :D)

set mode=CRASH

Note to self:
Edit grease, fix arrays.
Edit grease, fix autocomplete,
New grease, i.&t.
Help T_T.

I have big plans for tonight. First step: curl up in bed. Everything follows :)

Global I2s are excellent.

(I keep nodding off to sleep and then waking up when certain keywords run through my head :D (I promise I shall stop spazzing out over support soon, at least in entries (I seriously hope tomorrow will be a more coherent day (is it period inside or period outside? The inconsistency is bugging me.).).))


[ profile] murklins, I have an idea bouncing in my head and need to talk code <3 But do not let me do it tonight, for the sake of my sanity, please! But remind me if you remember? And if you don't, I'll pounce on you if I do remember.


Hard drive still dead. Still haven't recovered from when I lost all my data two months ago, so this latest failure didn't hit me as hard. I hope I can get a new one (covered under warranty).

--- 3:37pm ---
Took a nap! Reenergized!
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Oh dear.

I forgot to sleep earlier (by the time I realized it was late, it was almost five a.m., and I needed to get up by six.) And then I forgot my wallet, so no lunch for me today. On the good side, I remembered to bring tissue paper! So at least today will be hygienic.

Despite the tissue paper, I'm weak and tired and hungry and sleepy and gradually becoming less coherent and more irritable, and I can't stop rambling (in my mind at least) because I'm too tired to control myself. Cannot wait to go home. Six more hours to go.


How come the bartering system isn't common any more? Of the things I'm willing to part with in exchange for food I have, in my bag, a slightly stained shirt, wrinkled (but non-sweaty!) jogging pants, an unopened of tissue, several feminine napkins, random receipts, and a half-empty package of oil-control film paper. Surely at least one of these is worth foooood?

Was able to borrow money from a friend (51 pesos!), and had a decent lunch. I feel much better now. Still sleepy, but I can take my mind off that by doing internet stuff ;)
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I'm struggling with jetlag right now. My body is confused because I'm insisting that it's one time, and my body clock insists that it's another. The result is that I'm getting my sleep in two to three hour bursts as I first convince my body that it's time to sleep (my body is too tired to argue), and then my body realizes that I've fooled it into lying down at an improper time and wakes me up.

Results are not pretty. Woke up for (and cooked!) breakfast; almost slept through lunch; definitely slept through dinner. And all because my body chooses the most inconvenient times to tell me, "You! Go to bed right now. I'm TAKING YOU DOWN."
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I'm safe at home, in bed, and so tired that I yawn every few minutes, and yet I can't get to sleep My body is still convinced that it's on the other side of the world, and it's just past lunchtime.
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Time for me to sleep. I have had too many instances of staggering lack of sense in just these hours past midnight.

(Seee, that sentence does not make sense. I know the sentiment I want to express, and yet that sentence still does not make any sense.)


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