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afuna_archive ([personal profile] afuna_archive) wrote2009-06-09 11:59 pm
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A day's worth of Twitter (6)

18:30:01 — whee I have completed my nine hours for today. not done yet, but I think I can/should take a short break before brain starts leaking out ...
19:22:42 — data driven dishes:
19:49:43 — ....uhhh. how come typing "oh my god" into my address bar gives me youtube?
19:52:44 — ooooookay. searching for anything that ends up in youtube (using address bar, instead of search bar) gives me that page instead of searc ...
19:54:11 — hmm i guess it is the source=navclient that deos it?
19:57:30 — aha I guess this is it: though I think you need both sourceid=navclient and gfns=1

Total: 6 tweets

You can find me as afuna_wired on Twitter.

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