Apr. 14th, 2009

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New batch of codes came in (part bounty, part just being part of the site). I just went through the comments in my last entry, and gave everyone who asked an invite. I think that almost everyone else on my friends list who is interested in moving or checking things out is already there, and um, I still have eight codes one code all out.

Will give them out to anyone who is interested. Comment with your email address, please, so I'll know where to send them to!

PS. Still accepting bribes of love.
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00:58:12 — @atmacjournal page-turner robot: http://tinyurl.com/cd6fcb
00:58:13 — @atmacjournal page-turner robot: http://tinyurl.com/cd6fcb
13:43:33 — @rickybuchanan wow didn't realize. I figured there was something like that out there, but the article made it sound New and Exciting
13:43:48 — @rickybuchanan sucks with the costing $$$s though :(
14:16:45 — @rickybuchanan eewwww. I did not even notice the price. That's scary expenisvie
15:39:29 — @Starshadow wait, wait, seriously? I thought we were just hovering at around 33C? O_O That is what I see in weather sites, anyway
16:35:31 — @Starshadow I don't want to go out to lunch anymore. it is just *that hot*

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