May. 11th, 2009

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The one thing I love about JavaDoc is that it starts with two stars. Makes it look special (and, in Eclipse, blue).

The things I don't like about JavaDoc are too many to count! But the list includes annotations! Why are you letting comments define behavior? That's just freaky.

On the flip side, documentation is a good warm up to the day, so!
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10:36:54 — @Ree hey, how backwards is backwards? is the skip= switched? (Re: dreamwidth built-in rel links)
10:46:23 — @Ree oh! the next comes before the previous -- is that it? I've filed a bug for that now, and we'll get that fixed right up :)
14:50:26 — @Ree ahh. Hmm, I can see your point, but on the other hand that would make it inconsistent with the visible text for next/previous links
15:27:55 — @Ree For the record, I've filed it under if you're interested in keeping track of conversation (if any)
18:34:48 — @Ree hey! it's me again! Thought you'd be interested to know that I'm going to reverse the next/prev links thing soon
18:35:02 — @Ree unless someone objects, it should go through! :-)
21:27:51 — @Yen420 yenny! Easiest option is LoudTwitter :)
21:29:08 — @KDPatrol first thought: "What did we do now???"
21:30:47 — @iruka11 tomorrow! :)
22:25:55 — @Ree oops, jumped the gun; there is some concern now that itd cause confusion. Will stop spamming now! But will update with final decision

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