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I have a handful of codes to give out to anyone who's interested in Dreamwidth, currently closed beta \o/! Comment with your email address if you're interested, and will put you on the list for now and future codes. Will edit the entry when they're all gone.

All comments are screened.

(PS. I can be bribed with love :-))

EtA: All gone.
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I've been thinking about this a bit, and I will be moving my main posting to DW, but continue lurking here to read my friends page. Ironically, I've started reading my friends page here more regularly, since I got my Dreamwidth account. Something about being so happy over there carries over to being more sociable over here, too.

I will continue archiving my Twitter entries on my LJ, but I will not be posting them to DW. I will also cross-post from DW to LJ, assuming I don't forget -- may be a slight lag between when I post there versus here, because I end up too lazy to open a second update window, but entries with substance length will make their way here eventually.

There will be a crossposter tool soon! Which will be awesome, and will make crossposting much easier, and give me no excuse not to post entries to here.

PS. feature for the day: Tags on Month page!

Implemented a couple of weeks ago, but got overlooked among all the other style system changse.
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I was going through my list of script suggestions, trying to move them over to a more organized list, and I've realized I promised a *lot*, but given the way things stand, I won't be doing most of them.

It's probably not a big deal at this point, since most have been standing so long, they've been forgotten! But if there's anything you asked for before, and still haven't forgotten about/still do want, poke me so I can move it to a todo list I'm actively looking at, rather than let the idea molder (and die).

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Quick note: I've gotten a mild uptick in anon spam, so I'm disabling anonymous comments until the bots have purged me from their database (it worked the last time!). If you have a legitimate reason for trying to contact me via an anonymous comment, I'm sorry about that!
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Forgot to tell everyone, but I'll be gone for the next three days, going to the Philippine Open Source Summit in Cebu. I'm pretty excited: it's only the second tech conference I've ever been to, and this is actually more in my line of interest than the first one (Sun Tech Days last week).

Also, I get to fly to another province! My Dad says Cebu is just another city like Manila, but still ;-)

Also, I get to be up at 4AM so I won't be late for my flight! Oh, wait... (But seriously, it's so going to be worth it).

Here is going to be how I'm going to spend the next two days:

Except for Wednesday. Not sure what I'm going to be doing on Wednesday.

If anyone really needs to tell me anything, I can be reached through my @lj email or, assuming Twitter starts sending me text notifs, I can be reached through that as well (but I've stopped hoping that it will ;-))


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