Mar. 4th, 2008

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I recently created a second Twitter account, afuna_wired. afuna is still my main one, though.

The big difference between the two is that afuna is how I sound when I'm talking to other people. afuna_wired is how I sound when I'm talking to myself (and not holding back because I'm worried about spamming people or boring them by talking about things that interest only me).

afuna_wired is much more spammy (30+ compared to <5 for afuna), for obvious reasons ;-)
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01:53:30 — @marcelle42: \o/
11:21:25 — @DanielEfton *GRIN*
15:13:33 — @azurelunatic Vanyel trilogy as well? *grin* (though I never liked the second book, just the first and third)
15:16:26 — @azurelunatic Oh yes, definitely. How many books were there? We only had one (Children of the Night?) where she meets Andre
15:18:05 — @azurelunatic aww. How about the.. .whatsis. The Urban Elves or whatever it was called?
15:20:55 — @azurelunatic same. Owls* was pretty bad. Actually, Storm* wasn't that good either. And then the standalones...
15:21:11 — @azurelunatic PS. I tihnk I had a crush on the flute-Bard. I'm not sure! Maybe!
15:22:16 — @azurelunatic I can't tell whether she got worse as she wrote more, or whether I got better taste as I read more. D:
15:22:59 — @azurelunatic hahaha I have forgotten their names, but yes, too. E, K, and B!
15:23:44 — @azurelunatic that makes me a bit sad, but her old ones are still awesome for comfort reading, at least.
15:24:36 — @azurelunatic not Kevin? No wait, Kevin was the boss-man, wasn't he? Keighvin. Something. With Tannim :-)
15:24:53 — @DanielEfton fantasy, not scifi (not even a little bit)
15:26:23 — @azurelunatic what fariy tale retellings has she done lately? For fairytale retellings, I find few I like better than Robin McKinley ,though
15:26:57 — @azurelunatic You know, that sounds vaguely familiar. I wonder if I borrowed the book from a friend. Was that the one with a salamander?
15:30:45 — @DanielEfton lying down and reading books == good, absolutely :D
15:32:00 — @azurelunatic Salamander -> cult. Different book. Jinx High... was that the one with vagina dentata?
15:32:43 — @DanielEfton I know that series! I used to read it when I was in high school *grin* Not sure if any newer books have come out
15:33:46 — @azurelunatic I only recently got introduced to McKinley, but have been buying what of her books I can. Diane Duane:teenage wizards, Nin ...
15:33:59 — @azurelunatic I don't tihnk I've read anyby Patricia McKillip, though
15:34:38 — @azurelunatic AREN'T YOU GLAD I REMINDED YOU?
15:35:34 — @DanielEfton Oh, lots of stuff I hadn't seen yet. Thanks for reminding me about that series. Love Modesitt!
15:53:28 — @DanielEfton known for? Hmm. I don't really know. Azurelunatic, is ML known for her erotic writing?
15:58:08 — @gameboyguy13 OMG I just got the comic to load. That... OMG. You are an evil earwormer, JD. Evil evil
15:59:49 — @DanielEfton ML has some scenes, I think, but I wouldn't say she's particularly known for being erotic.

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You can find me as afuna on Twitter.


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