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I love my grandpa <3 He's a bit of a gadget geek. Up to now he's focused on cameras and phones, but today he got his first computer. He saw Dad's iMac in my room when he visited during our last family reunion, grew envious, and decided to get one of his own.

My brother took care of buying a 20-inch iMac (gorgeoussss) and setting it up. Right now, grandpa's reading Chinese news on it. HE CAN READ NEWS WITHOUT HUNCHING OVER A NEWSPAPER WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS GUYS THIS ROCKS.

Okay, so he might have turned his computer into the world's most expensive magnifying glass *laugh* But he rocks and is pretty cool at it. There are a few other things I know he's interested in, and I might be able to show him them once he gets used enough to using a computer to do something other than reading.

PS. Guys, translating geek to English for my parents is hard enough; geek to Chinese for my grandpa is so much harder!

PPS. Would just like to tell you guys that [info] - personalrb is sweet and gorgeous, and that she linked me to her series of simple accessibility hints on ATMac and it is amazing!
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I've been bringing my work laptop home this past entire week, and now that it's Friday, all I want to do is go home, get some proper rest, and do Dreamwidth stuff.

So I was fighting with myself, trying to decide whether I wanted to bring my laptop home again this weekend and I actually started this entry intending to ask you guys to help me decide. But ... man. No! I don't care! I won't!

I won't get anything done anyway, and it'll just be there making me feel guilty.

SO I AM HAVING FUN THIS WEEKEND GUYS. (For values of fun which involve lying curled up with my laptop doing code stuff/ chat. Which is to say, very much ;-))
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And I have been scared to learn, so I am determined to do so at some point in this next week.

So far, I have:

  • cut carrots (it looks easy! I did not realize it was possible to do it horrendously badly! But I did it anyway! (both the cutting and the horrendously badly!) )

  • cut chicken into chunks (across the grain. or the, the, whatever you call the texture. I think I scared people with my knife. BUT. I did it anyway ahaha )

  • mixed chicken in the thing you coat it in before cooking (in this case, dab of rice wine, black pepper, sesame oil, soy paste. Then some corn starch afterwards, to keep it tender, I think (sesame oil on my hands smells so very good) )

  • rejoiced over not yet wrecking dinner \o/

PS. Have not yet touched the stove.
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I love Wednesdays. They are the days I hit the gym and kick ass stuff. Stuff == trainer's pads or the punching bag.

Surprisingly,the punching bag is tougher to hit properly than the human. I thought it would be the other way around, because the target pads my trainer wears are so small. I figured out later that it was because the trainer adjusts to meet my blows, and reacts after I hit him. The punching bag is big, heavy, and just... hangs there.

I've only tried myself against the punching bag once, though, last week. Maybe I'll have another go tonight?

Wednesdays are the highlight of my week(ly workouts). Punching and kicking stuff which I can't hurt makes me less likely to want to break stuff which I can. Plus, it is fun. So much fun! (Roundhouse kicks are the most fun. But jab-straight combos are also up there.)
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When I was a kid, I was scared of escalators. I was terrified of the sharp "teeth" at the top and bottom, and I was convinced that if I didn't step off fast enough, I'd be sucked in and shredded to bits.

It was so bad, that my dad had to patiently teach me to get on, get off, get on, get off, go with the flow, get on, get off. And eventually I got over my fear of the escalator -- though even now, I take care not to step off too close to the edge.

Today, my shoelace got caught at the bottom, and was stuck for a few critical moments before I could tug myself loose. I didn't get sucked in. I didn't get shredded. I SURVIVED. HOORAY.

Now, let's not talk about the time I was scared that a water-monster would pop up from the bowl and drag me down, if I sat on the toilet too long...

Bye 2008

Jan. 2nd, 2009 03:10 am
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Waited for the other shoe to drop all throughout 2008 (after the mess that was 2007). But nothing (very) bad happened. Maybe this is a good sign for the future?

Hello, 2009!
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I decided this evening, over dinner, to get a new laptop to replace my aging PowerBook G4. (Three years and two months! She's dinged, keyboard is a mess, HD's been replaced a few times, but has held up surprisingly well given how much I (ab)use her ).

I was originally planning to borrow money from my parents and pay it back over the next year or so. I approached my mom with that idea, and I was actually beginning to budget everything in my head (if I pay 10k pesos a month, every month, I'd be done in about half a year. But then that would leave me little money for daily expenses, so maybe I could pay 5k, but that would mean I'd be paying them back for more than year. So maybe if I alternate between 5k and 10k, or do 7k a month...), and suddenly my grandfather, who had been watching the conversation with interest, asked me how much it would be (I estimated around 60k-80k), and then he offered to pay for it.

I was speechless. Went wide-eyed. Said thank you. Almost died. OH MY GOD.

I've given up my desire for the MacBook Air (though it's pretty, and better in all respects than my current machine, I can't justify the leap in the price, considering I'm not actually paying for the laptop myself. And I wouldn't be able to afford the leap in the price, if I were paying for the laptop myself).

It looks like I'm getting the high-end MacBook ;-)

I need a name! And and and and to catch up with the changes between Tiger and Leopard, as I've been ignoring all Leopard related news since I was stuck with Tiger.

And, and and, oh god I'll miss my PowerBook (I call her "macaroni". I'm tempted to name the soon-to-be laptop "cheese". Maybe they'll be good friends!)

I need to decide whether to buy now, or whether to wait until July/August/September, which is when the rumors say that an upgrade will come out. I'll regret it if something comes out in July or August, but September is too far away, and really even September is not a sure thing...
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I've been trying my best to get into shape, and about a week ago, decided to take it seriously. My plan is to go to the gym M-T-Th, yoga W-F, swim every other Sunday, laze every Saturday. The schedule has some leeway built in, but I need to make it a regular habit, or else I'll start forgetting and slacking off, which is what has happened all previous times.

For the first time, I'm also monitoring what I eat, so I can adjust the proportions of rice to meat to vegetables to fruit to sugar properly (I think I need a bit more meat and vegetables, but my fruits and sugar are about right).

So tonight, I crossed my fingers and checked against the body-mass index machine at the gym (which is pretty nifty, by the way), and I've lost a pound of fat and gained a pound of muscle. *flexes*

Twenty-one more pounds to go to reach a healthy/normal weight :-) After that I'll aim for the middle the range, and try to keep myself reasonably on that level. Still a lot to go, but this is the first visible sign of progress I've had. I'm excited!

(However, this week/next week, I'll be at the a seminar June 18-19, in Cebu end of this week/beginning of next week. That will be a sizable gap in my physical activity. I'm worried I'll lose momentum. )
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A couple of weeks back, someone called me pretty (well they didn't actually use the word pretty, but I say it's close enough), and ever since then, I have been preening and indulging my vanity and, you know, prettifying.

*unabashed grin*

So um, today I went to get a facial.

That is all

Because [ profile] av8rmike asked, pictures:

before and after )
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I always wondered why my ahia's closet, which he passed on to me when we reshuffled rooms oh, about ten years ago, had that ugly landscape poster on it. It turns out it was covering the area where I and ahia and shoti recorded our growth with permanent marker. All of the marks are from late 1993.

I'm currently prying the stapler wires out of the wall with a pair of pliers. Afraid I'll get cut by a rusty one.
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Dedicating this Saturday to throwing out crap from my grade school/high school days.

Starting with the pink drawer in the corner, where there's a leak, so most of the stuff is probably moldy and unrecoverable. I can't keep them around any more, but that doesn't mean I don't want to remember them.

cut for length, lists, rambling, and a bit of my first almost-relationship )
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I just finished the Mizuno run. 2 hours and 3 minutes, much longer than my previous time. Though we got there late, so maybe subtract some ten to fifteen minutes from my official time? In which case it was not so bad.

The run was pretty much a disaster of uncoordination. No water for 5k runners, no water for 10k runners, no water for 15k runners. There was some water, but only enough for the frontrunners. Those of us in the middle and rear of the pack could only look at the empty ice chests and hopefully and dream of liquids, which was worse than having no water at all.

I felt a distinct pang of pity for the volunteers manning the booths. I mean it was not their fault that the race coordinators had not prepared well enough, but they were there, and an easy target of frustration from a couple of thousand thirsty, cranky runners. Poor guys.

I now know I can run ten kilometers without water, but it is not something I wanted to find out this way :)

After we passed the halfway point, we ran alongside scummy canal water, and I was so desperate for liquids that I began fantasizing about stopping, scooping up a handful to my mouth, and taking a sip. I didn't actually do it, but I really *really* wanted to.

The distance markers were also placed misleadingly. When I saw the 10k marker, my heart jumped, but it turned out that it was marking the 9k point, and the beginning of the final tenth kilometer, which flouted traditional understanding and just plain didn't make sense.

I am tired and cranky with disappointment. It promised to be a good run, since it was a big brand sponsor, but the lack of proper organization meant that I had nothing to protect my from thirst and heat. On the plus side, I think that I may have spent a longer period (than in my first attempt at a 10k run) jogging in the first half before I ran out of steam and started alternating between a jog and a walk. However, the heat (and to be fair my being unfit) quickly sapped my energy, and because there was no water, I had no way to replenish it. Grr. I can't compare my performance in this run to my last one because everything went wrong here, so I cannot tell whether I am getting better or worse :(

Well, I finished another 10k, though, when I would have sworn just last month that I would not have finished five. And these days, I finish five quite... Not easily, but not too painfully, either. That is something at least ;)

PS. Given the name of the brand, it was such a disappointment that there was no water. Such a disappointment.

PPS. The contented lethargy that settles in after a run has just hit me. I am too sleepily content to be cranky any more. I will probably nap the day away. And then I will try to get into shape again starting tomorrow. I may not run much until summer is over (it's getting pretty hot. Even stone walls in the shade in the early morning are disappointingly warm - found out when I leaned against them earlier today, hoping they would leach some of the heat from my body). So i may not run much, but I would like to be ready for the next time.

PPPS. Nagy, darling, we were not able to coordinate our run. Maybe we can hunt around for a nice gentle 5k run instead, so we can stop before the morning gets too hot?

PPPPS. So sleepy but happy. Maybe it was a good run after all.
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I just came from a quick visit to the dad of a friend of my shoti (close family friends after everything that happened last year), who is in the hospital because he had a stroke. I... well, things are better now than they were just a week ago. I am crossing my fingers and sending good vibes.

I dislike the smell of a hospital intensely. In my experience, hospitals smell like gauze and iodine and the stuff that makes up diapers, rather than of antiseptic. They smell like my sister's gauze kit, which she needed to use after she lost her eye (the smell lingered in the hall to my parents' room for ages because they could not bear to get rid of my sister's stuff for years). They smell like my brother's hospital room, or maybe shoti's hospital room smelled like a hospital because that's where it was. They smell like my great grandmother's room those last few years she was in bed. They smell like cleanliness and cloth and plastic. That is how hospitals smell like. I hate that smell.

Old age smells to me like stewed beef and potatos pureed so it can be poured down a feeding tube. I remember that smell. I remember that smell distinctly; the smell of particular combinations of beef and potatoes is strong enough to make me sick.

Fever smells like lugaw (rice porridge). I can't eat that, unless there is something along with it to mask the smell. I can stand the taste; it's the smell leaves me feeling weak and dizzy.

Steamed fish with black beans is also a smell of fever. Not everything: particular kinds of fish, particular kinds of sauce. So is the... I forgot the name, but it's chicken in lugaw.
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I got accidentally sucked into a PhRUG get-together. I was on my way to gym, and bumped into a couple of co-workers who were heading down the elevator as well. I actually almost missed them, because I was thinking about running down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, but someone mentioned Ruby, which caught my attention, so I hung back a bit and sneaked my way into their conversation.

I was about to split up and head to gym, when I thought to ask where they were all going, and they said they were heading to a get-together, to talk about code. I thought they were all going home. I snuck my way into that, too, hah.

Free pizza, beer and sisig! Also, geek talk :-) I am beginning to feel a lot more inspired about self-studying. However, I have so many other things on my plate, I'm not sure when I will have the time.

I am tired now (not drunk, though, only had one light beer), but it was worth it, as I've finally managed to track down the PhRUG presence. \o/
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It is kind of silly to be eating salad with chopsticks, especially cherry tomatoes. I gave up and grabbed a fork.

Ate breakfast all together as a family. Would never have fit into one table before.

It is like 18 degrees here or something. The cold is making me giggly!

At Osaka Castle. There are crows cawing everywhere, but they sound more like 'uwa uwa uwa'.

There was a grove, the trees all branches bare. And for a moment the only human sound i could here was my own footsteps crunching on the soil.

I have found a new role! Old pigeon-feeding woman in the park. Mwaha. Except am not yet old, and i did not have food so i didnt exactly feed them, just sort of wandered through.

Umm love.

Going to universal studios japan. Last time i was to a universal studios, i was a kid, maybe 8 or 10.

Mei hua (of the song) is plum blossoms. I did not know that.

Found a charger for electric cars in the parking lot ahaha.

I have no idea what anyone is saying, but i know they sure are being polite about it.

Watched wicked, a hybrid of english and japanese. I definitely want to watch the original at some point.

There is an interesting thing here called the singles line, where you can cut ahead in line if you're willing to break up your party.

I loved the ultimate spiderman ride. It's a cross between a roller coaster and one of those 4D shows, and the thing is, it really works. Drives me crazy that i cannot figure out the trick, and how far we moved or how much we tilted. However, the best part is that Spiderman talks to you in japanese "yokatta ne" and gives you a thumbs-up. How is that not one of the most awesome things ever?

From the buffet table: tomato pudding (it looks kinda like red-tinged cheesecake).
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The internet in this hotel is free! :DDD I've been typing in my phone all day, so I just transferred everything from my phone to my laptop:

It is evening and i am now in japan! The flight took a bit more than three hours, but we sacrificed an hour getting here so it is now just about seven.

Am pretty stoked. Signs are in japanese, english and korean which i am finding funny for some reason.

Took some time out in the plane to get up and look out the emergency hatch window, like i always do, to look at the clouds .from the top. Ostensibly my reason is that i needed to go to the bathroom but i had gone just before we boarded.


Anyway here now done with immigration waiting for customs. Traveling with family so we need to pass through it as a group together. Immigration was pretty nifty: stick both forefingers into a little machine, press down, stare into a camera. Whywhywhy? But i am happy to do it anyway as long as i dont have to see what the photograph looks like afterwards.

Finished princess bride on the airplane. Now i dont have anything to read on the way home. Hopefully i would have gotten something in japan to make up for that oversight ΓΌ

Am still waiting. Wonder what is taking them so long? I kinda want to head back up the stairs to the immigration area but from experience, that is pretty strongly frowned upon.

Oh dear my hands are getting cramped from all this typing while clutching at the phone. Maybe I should start reading Buttercup's Baby now? The ending of Princess Bride was somewhat painful; am not sure whether william goldman's comments helped or hurt on that account.

Tours are all right but someday i plan to come back here on my own -- or better yet, with friends.

Oh man i forgot my old enemy in other asian countries: the squat toilet. Heavens. I mean they're not as bad as some people make them out to be, but they're bad enough.

Oh and i just managed to contact Ju! Omg omg omg omg.

Okay so absolutely full from dinner. First dinner here was buffet grill. Awesomeness. Loaded up our plates with lots and lots of meat. I took shots of two platefuls ahaha. So full right now.

Osaka, as seen at night from the highway, is very similar to south korea, hongkong, and certain parts of thailand. Just something about the way roads and buildings are laid out, as well as the cars and character sets.

Am at the hotel now. It is very cozy, sort of moody. Ceiling is so low that i can actually reach it (with uh a bit of jumping but still).

Also there are like cheapo pajamas (3 pairs) in a drawer. Put on a pair now so i can save up clean pajamas for later in case other hotels dont provide.

I wonder what bexhill-on-sea means? It comes up in autocomplete. I dont really see how it would be in common enough use to warrant an entry n the default
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Am at the airport now reading princess bride. It is amazing. I love it to bits and i am just at the beginning of chapter two of the good parts version. Oh god it is so good. I suspect that most of the people i have chatted with over irc have been infleunced by this same book because something about the way it flows brings me back to many an early morning conversation. And apparently we have the movie. When i get home i must dig it out and watch it. Yes, yes i really should.

Anyway i am so excited about chapter one that i cannot quite bring myself to read chapter two. That is often the case with me, for the record, by the way. Most of the time, it takes me much longer to finish an episode or read a chapter or listen to a song because i keep *getting up* in the middle of it.

1By the way this new phone may yet be the best investment that i have ever made. I am free to keep on typing and typing and typing even as i stand in line. And believe me, this line is a long one. It looks like people are beginning to leave the country in preparation for holy week. Guess we were not the only ones who had that bright idea. Who would have thought?

Oh dear so i gave my phone to my brother to read and he just proofread it. Am too lazy to correct my mistakes though, so you'll just have to suffer :)

Am at the airport lounge. free wifi! am checking my mail and all. trying to pry myself away. trying not to check up on my baby oh god why am i calling it that?
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There should be a banner here or something, but I was too lazy to make one. Also, it'd only be for a week. How sad would it be to work so hard on a banner only to have to take it down almost as soon as I'd put it up?

So anyway, on my way out. Here's to hoping I don't forget anything embarrassing like books for the airport underwear.
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Several days before a trip, I start reverting to my ugly clothes so that I will have enough good clothes to pack. I am down to my last set. This means that the trip is close. So excited!
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So many things I need to wrap up before I leave on Sunday, and I still haven't packed as well. And I've had no time to brush up on my Japanese. Ack ack.

I'll only be gone eight days (Japan!), but that's a long time in internet land.

I'll be leaving this Sunday, and coming home next Sunday. I'm trying to finish as much as I can, to make sure that things are in good shape before I leave for my vacation :D


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