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this is the sticky that does nothing. (ETA: Still does nothing) [ profile] afuna
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Testing a post using the JLJ command line client. [ profile] cheyinka pointed it out to me. It's going to take some getting used to to remember all the commands, but I'm kinda liking the idea of having a command line client, running from anywhere without needing to worry about crossplatform interface issues.
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(p align="center")

Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

(div align="center")
Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

(div style="text-align: center")
Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.
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I'm trying out Firefox 3(.0b3) right now! I decided to download it on a whim; I was hoping that it would be less of a memory hog than Firefox 2. Because trying to run that plus Aptana (Ruby IDE) at the same time was bogging down my system horribly. For the record, it seems to be running more smoothly, but the test may not be fair since most of my extensions were disabled for being incompatible *g*

I love the new features, including the improved downloads interface, additional interfaces (such as the new Applications item, which is the filetype-to-action mapping) and what look to be better error messages. One of my favorite things is that there is now a shortcut for the JavaScript console. It may not seem like much, but the inefficient way to open the JavaScript console has always been one of those little things that irritated me to no end.

It is somewhat strange to see the form controls be styled like Safari's. And the window is a darker gray than I'm used to. I am not enamoured, but I guess I'll get used to them.

There are a few rough spots; sometimes the rendering is weird and elements show up in the wrong place on the page (the header for Vertigo does this often on the Explore page). Also, the cmd+shift+T shortcut does not seem to always work; I often have to use the menu instead. I'm hoping that these kinks will be worked out by the time it makes it to release.

I'm excited about their moving the preferences storage backend to SQLite instead of writing to the textfile (prefs.js) only when closing the browser properly. I think this affects the values saved by Greasemonkey as well; if so, then that means I won't lose the data from the current session if the browser suddenly crashes. I am almost tempted to try to crash something so I can test :-)

I'm also excited about the improved search and bookmarking (with tags) functions -- searching through the address bar brings up results based on the address, the page title, bookmarks, bookmark tags, and I'm finding it pretty useful. (For example, when doing Support work, I can just type "entryprops" and get the URL I want, instead of having to type "", selecting whatever URL comes up, then deleting the end and triggering autocomplete again with "entr..."). There's also apparently auto-resume for downloads, though I have not tested it yet.
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Error: There was an error processing your request: Must provide entry text.
Cause: high security settings while in RTE
Browsers + conditions:

  • RTE
  • no autosaved draft (because that fills in the entry text; in fact, I think that this means that it will post your autosaved draft, not any additional text you fill in)
  • with active scripting enabled (so that noscript doesn't kick in, and you still see the form controls) -- under security tab
  • with ActiveX disabled (so that the RTE doesn't actually do anything) -- under security tab

  • don't know the exact settings, but probably a similar combination

Other browsers:
  • unknown. Have there been reports of this in Firefox/Opera/Safari?


Note: when I investigated, I got a popup saying, "Your brower's security settings could limit some features of this editor. You must enable the option 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.' You may experience and notice missing features." But no users have reported this. This means there may be another setting which controls the pop-up, or there may be another setting that is preventing the JavaScript from working properly even though JavaScript itself is enabled. However, solutions/workarounds remain the same, I believe.

I believe there's a stock that handles this, sans the "make HTML your default editor, if you can't enable ActiveX" section.
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Testing RTE on edit. For the iphone.

  • setting editor is RTE, currently in HTML. Opens in HTML.
  • setting editor is RTE, saving as RTE. Opens in RTE.
  • setting editor is HTML, saving as RTE. Opens in RTE.
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Abby convinced me, and I have a Twitter... thing.

I think I like it. It basically lets me indulge in one-way whining in tiny bursts (words stolen from murklins :-)), without having to think too much.

I started in the afternoon by posting to it from GMail chat, but it seemed a bit awkward to have to switch to the browser all the time. Plus, the notifications wouldn't work. After I got home, I tried out Bitlbee on [ profile] exor674's recommendation, and now I'm able to post from IRC (irssi, which I'm logged into via Ciaran's server all the time, anyway!)

What would make it perfect would be if I could post a digest of my Twitter stuff as a backdated entry on my LJ, but I'm running into problems with the Perl modules (reflected on the last few items of my feed hah). I wonder what XML::RSS::Tools does, and whether I can rewrite the script to not use it? (My other alternative is to run it as a cron job from a web server, but it needs additional modules, and I'd have to ask first.)
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Investigated all four issues while I was logged in to LJ and as both logged in and logged out of Photobucket.

four different issues with inserting images via RTE: diagnostic work, error messages, all that dull stuff )

More context in the headers themselves. Urgh, I'm too lazy to dig around PB to figure out what's going on (not even sure I can? Dig around, I mean. Also figure out what's going on)

'Kay, I think at this point, I need to update the RT ticket about being unable to paste images using photobucket, and possibly file another one about the "OK" button's appearance being delayed, and another one about the "please type image url" popup. And then uh. Possibly IC where necessary, but tomorrow. Think I need to stop work on this particular issue for today. Need a night's rest before I can whip this into shape to make coherent ICs, reports, etc. Here's to hoping I don't forget :P

Also, must remember to find out whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem (more to the point, if not everyone is experiencing this problem, then why?)
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I find it interesting that servers respond to the Range header in so many different ways.

My newest toy is a simple Perl script which I wrote to test why certain feeds can't be syndicated on LJ. I've only had a chance to use it twice, but both times the feed couldn't be created because the Range header makes the remote server return 206 (Partial Content) instead of 200 (OK), and each server had a different idea of how it should serve up partial content. And to confuse things even more, some servers return 200(OK) even when the Range header is specified.

First request I tried it with, the remote server returned the feed as a gzipped stream. Second request I tried it with, the server couldn't handle a byte range beyond a certain size (the size of the feed, maybe?); anything larger than that, and it returned 416 (Requested Range Not Satisfiable). I know that the problems with Bad Behaviour are also caused by the range header, but I am not certain about the specifics, other than that it's rejecting the requests because the byte range starts with a 0.

I really should drop this, since there's literally nothing I can do about any of it and there are more productive things I could be doing right now. But. Maybe I'll just check out one more feed if another request about failed feed creation comes in, even if finding out what's wrong isn't likely to help get the feed syndicated.

Enough synning for today! I'm jumping ahead of myself again. I have yet to answer a feed change request where the answer is a simple "yep, valid. Feed changed"; I should get on that soon ;)
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Testing the +test tag.

Poll time!

Jun. 13th, 2007 06:33 am
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[Poll #1002098][Poll #1002098]

Oh neat. Changing your vote in a poll sends another notification.

(Please note that the poll below doesn't work.)

Poll #xxxx Ticky box
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Ticky box

Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box
Ticky box

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In case anyone wants to comment on the script but doesn't feel comfortable doing so on us.o, here is a good place. I'm assuming that anyone who wants to use that script has an LJ account, since the script itself is made to work with LJ!


Because it seems fitting, here's a script (not written by me!) which restores the appearance and formatting of the old update.bml page.

Also, I've finally posted the script to add a tagslist to update.bml. There's an easter egg in there of a sorts -- didn't bother to remove my uglification code, but it can't be activated unless you know the exact steps.

Ah, the stupid thing is that my script is not compatible with the first one, so unless someone (else) is willing to figure out how to fix that, you'll have to choose one or the other.

The information below is outdated; most updated info is in the script itself and probably also in the extended description over at us.o.
Rough docu for my script. This text is also found within the script itself )


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