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Really simple script for you guys today: Support: Summary in Title.

That appends the the request summary into the window title which lets you the request summary show up in your browser history. Meaning, you can just type in a partially remembered request summary in your browser address bar, and it'll (hopefully) pop up the URL to the request you're thinking of.

Works on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. (Note that it may be conflicting with some other scripts? I had to drag it to the beginning of my list in the Greasemonkey settings for it to work on LiveJournal)
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(p align="center")

Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

(div align="center")
Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.

(div style="text-align: center")
Testing centering in 1-column bloggish.
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Error: There was an error processing your request: Must provide entry text.
Cause: high security settings while in RTE
Browsers + conditions:

  • RTE
  • no autosaved draft (because that fills in the entry text; in fact, I think that this means that it will post your autosaved draft, not any additional text you fill in)
  • with active scripting enabled (so that noscript doesn't kick in, and you still see the form controls) -- under security tab
  • with ActiveX disabled (so that the RTE doesn't actually do anything) -- under security tab

  • don't know the exact settings, but probably a similar combination

Other browsers:
  • unknown. Have there been reports of this in Firefox/Opera/Safari?


Note: when I investigated, I got a popup saying, "Your brower's security settings could limit some features of this editor. You must enable the option 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.' You may experience and notice missing features." But no users have reported this. This means there may be another setting which controls the pop-up, or there may be another setting that is preventing the JavaScript from working properly even though JavaScript itself is enabled. However, solutions/workarounds remain the same, I believe.

I believe there's a stock that handles this, sans the "make HTML your default editor, if you can't enable ActiveX" section.
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In other words, I just made Web admin. It's taking its time sinking in ;-)

There's so much to look at, and so much to do. Web is going to be, mm, interesting to admin.

PS. My first year in Support is in a couple of weeks! That also is taking its time sinking in ;p
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Finally managed to finish a script I've been wanting to use for a while: Admin Console for Requests

It basically inserts a form below each request, where you can type in your desired commands, and then takes advantage of LJ's CSP to submit these. Your currently logged-on username is automatically detected, so no configuration is required.

I've integrated it with the synedit and synmerge Automator (though each script can also work as a standalone). If you are a Syn SH+ and have the admin console script installed, it will place the syn_* command in the console instead of as an IC. My goal is to reduce the effort it takes to respond to synedits -- also other things, but synedit is the only support-related console command I regularly use.

(All my scripts are available on this page.)

Also, trying not to babble on too much here, but I found the XMLRPC format interesting. However arrays are a pain and a half to work with.
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Before leaving for China, I set myself a minimum goal for Support points and stuck it in Anna's reminder function -- just in case I started lagging behind and needed a target to aim at.

original chatlog )

Today, she messaged me:

08:14:34 <Anna> Afuna: You asked me to remind you dude, you'd better have gotten 1500 points by now :)
08:16:44 <Afuna> points, afuna
08:16:45 <Anna> Sorry, but I don't know what you mean. Try '/msg Anna help' to see what I can do.
08:16:47 <Afuna> points afuna
08:16:48 <Anna> afuna has 3,394 support points.
08:17:03 <Anna> Afuna: You asked me to remind you okay, make that 1800 points!!!
08:18:02 <Afuna> anna, botsnack (thank you <3)
08:18:02 <Anna> Thanks, Afuna! :D

I guess I did reach my goal, at that!
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3k at last! (I vaguely remember a time when I wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me I'd reach even 1k :-)):

At 75th place, sandwiched in between two ladies:

Hm, last time I posted a milestone, it was when I reached the first page. So about five weeks to climb up twenty-five places (and IIRC, that was around 2,200 points to reach first page, so up by about 800 points, which doesn't sound right as I thought my average was only a hundred points a week).

Hah, and last time I posted a milestone in [ profile] supportlounge, I had about half the points that I do now :-)
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[ profile] aveleh, damn you for putting the idea in my head. Was bored in the car while running errands, so I ended up working on the script you asked me to do. I think this does what you wanted (possibly with a few additions).

Right now, you can hide all requests with a certain tag or view only those requests with a certain tag, and you can choose whether your filter is applied persistently (on a new pageload) or will go away once you close the tab.

User interface is rough, but I think it's self-explanatory, though I'd welcome suggestions to improve it. Can't handle filters like "entries|styles", and can't handle both an inclusive filter and an exclusive filter at the same time, but it should be enough for normal boardwork.

Tell me if I got your demands request wrong? ;-)

Forgot the link to the script, but it's there now, as well as a brief explanation of what it actually does ;-)
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The support requests status tracker script used to hang at around 300 total requests modified (or once around a hundred requests moved off the board.) Today, it processed "525 updated and 483 moved off this view for a total of 1008 requests changed" in an instant.

The changes I made to the code have worked out much better than I ever planned :-) Of course, the real problem was that earlier versions of the code were complete and utter crap. See, I made a couple of embarrassing rookie mistakes with arrays and string handling )

Note: pseudocode is because I'm too lazy to remember how I actually coded it in old versions. Real code is because I'm too lazy to figure out how to convert my current code to pseudocode.
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Teehee. I may just have made 648 people very happy. (Not that I'm the only one who worked on that request. Discussed it with [ profile] pauamma over IRC *g*)
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I was just made SH in the Issues Investigation category (despite literally having done almost nothing within the actual category *grin*). [ profile] ciaran_h pointed out that this makes me an SH in exactly 50% of all public categories :O

Also, I reached the front page with a day to spare \o/
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Hm, am 36 points away from the first page. One more week should push me over?

(Talking about this second page, by the way.)
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I feel content right now. Finally figured out why entries in syndicated accounts occasionally don't seem to follow logic in their ordering and deletion. The entries should ideally be in reverse chronological order, and entries older than fourteen days are deleted. However, if you visit the actual recent entries page of a syndicated account, you'll occasionally see that some entries are out of order, or that there are some entries that were posted to the feed more than fourteen days ago.

No one really notices it, because most feeds update far enough apart that you only ever get one new entry per fetch, or it doesn't really matter what order they appear on your friendslist as long as they show up. And who's going to complain about keeping older entries around?

It bothered me though, because there was no apparent logic behind the (re)ordering and the nondeletion. It wasn't being ordered by the date shown on the entry, and it wasn't being ordered by the entry id either. In fact, it didn't seem to be ordered by anything that I could see on the page (that's because it in fact wasn't ;)).

The other weird thing was that the reordering/nondeletion was usually accompanied by a complaint of the feed not updating. I thought at first that there was something wrong with the parsing of the feed, which would account for the misordering (the dates were not being recognized perhaps?), and which would explain why the feed wasn't updating properly. Turns out that it was the other way around: the feed not updating is the cause for the misordering and the apparent late deletion.

In a word: "logtime"
> plus two words: "vs. entrytime" (display time? eventtime?)
In twelve words: "ordered by logtime; entries fetched at the same time have equal logtime"
> six more words: "been staring me in the face"

In other words: "I love advanced S2 customization -- hi $entry.system_time"

In more words than that, but you need to be able to see ICs in Syn, requests #800206 and #796055

And with that, I think I've investigated/ICed on/touched the last really stale request that I can. The rest of the things I can handle are only about a week old or less.

(Now it's time for me to concentrate on the stuff I need for China!)

Gold star!

Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:59 pm
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I got a gold star for my work in Syn ^___^

*adds it to collection*
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Last night I realized I was close to 1337 Support points. Today, I woke up to 1,326 -- 11 points away.

*crosses fingers*


I missed it by a point. Posting it here anyway as a quiet celebration of how far I've come:

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I sometimes feel painfully slow when I tackle stale requests (or worse, tackle requests that become stale as I work on them). The user is getting frustrated because it's been over a week and hey, I'm getting frustrated as well, because it's been over a week. And it can't be helped because some things just aren't going to be cracked that easily.

(Still, it is occasionally frustrating when I think about how active I am, and I realize I've only touched one request in the past two or three days. I'm not complaining: It's just that I sometimes get this bug up my spine that tells me that I should be working faster, so I do, but then I grow careless and have to slow down again ;))

Occasionally, I run into something weird, poke at it a bit, leave it alone, and then come back days later and figure out the basic problem very quickly. However, the thing is that in between the time I left it alone and the time I come back, I've been exposed to things that are tangentially related, and those things-in-between are usually what lead my mind in the right direction. Either that, or it's been there in the back of my mind. So even though the total time I spend directly focused on the request may be relatively short, everything in between is necessary.

^This is the only way I have to stave off guilt when understanding hits me and I realize just how obvious things should have been before. (And yes, I know how silly it is to feel guilt over having completed something. Perhaps it's not guilt, but is more closely related to chagrin?)

Back to my original point, complicated issues take time and effort to figure out. People get frustrated all around when a problem takes longer to resolve than expected, and it's understandable -- so that makes it doubly pleasurable to have a request where the user is very patient about waiting, and very gracious with her thanks.

(I will take heartfelt thanks over points any day ^____^ This is an awesome start to the weekend.)

And just to clarify, the request above was not one of those where I poked at it sporadically until inspiration came. This involved digging through things which I knew nothing about until this week (last week?) so I feel really good that it ended so happily.
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Hahaha, I feel immensely silly right now. I've been staring at, trying to figure out how two pieces of date-parsing code were related to each other, and I only just realized that one is Atom-specific, the other RSS-specific, and that if you're in an Atom feed, which is what I needed to look at, then you return before you reach the RSS-specific parsing code.

(I thought that there would be another module for parsing RSS, just as there was for parsing Atom and that a certain block was being called when parsing both RSS and Atom *facepalm*)

I've been looking at this (dumbly) since last night.

On the good side, the reason I couldn't find where certain attributes were being handled is because it looks like these attributes aren't being handled at all (the attributes in question being _atom_updated and _atom_published; only _atom_modified and _atom_created are being processed).

I wonder why the Atom parser doesn't use w3cdtf_to_time. Are Atom feeds guaranteed to more strictly follow a certain format?

Must recheck my results in this request later, but it looks right to me. If it pans out, then RT.
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How do you respond to a request that was never actually posted?

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Investigated all four issues while I was logged in to LJ and as both logged in and logged out of Photobucket.

four different issues with inserting images via RTE: diagnostic work, error messages, all that dull stuff )

More context in the headers themselves. Urgh, I'm too lazy to dig around PB to figure out what's going on (not even sure I can? Dig around, I mean. Also figure out what's going on)

'Kay, I think at this point, I need to update the RT ticket about being unable to paste images using photobucket, and possibly file another one about the "OK" button's appearance being delayed, and another one about the "please type image url" popup. And then uh. Possibly IC where necessary, but tomorrow. Think I need to stop work on this particular issue for today. Need a night's rest before I can whip this into shape to make coherent ICs, reports, etc. Here's to hoping I don't forget :P

Also, must remember to find out whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem (more to the point, if not everyone is experiencing this problem, then why?)
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I hate lost password requests. They leave me rather randomly heartbroken, especially when the answer is: "I'm (really) sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you."


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